Against the Spanish “Auschwitz Law”.

Original news article:

In a total of 11 pages of this document, from the end of page 69 to the end of page 80, the horrifying regime of subjugation of the people is established through the wording of article 38 and the four additions that are incorporated to it. Very briefly and only in a few selected aspects, this wording entails:
The SEIZURE OR IMMOBILIZATION of products (Art. 38.1.a).
SUSPENSION of the exercise of activities (Art. 38.1.b).
The CLOSURE of companies or their facilities (Art. 38.1.c).
The OBLIGATION to provide data… that allow the identification of the persons… (Art. 38.1.k).
The SUBMISSION to quarantine… in a “suitable place” for such purpose… (Art. 38.2.b.3ª).
The SUBMISSION to prophylactic measures… (Art. 38.2.b..5ª).
The RESTRICTION or LIMITATION of the circulation or mobility of persons… (Art. 38.2.b..5ª). (Art. 38.2.b.6ªi)… or of their assembly… (Art. 38.2.b.6ªiii)….
The CRIBADO… of certain sectors or groups of the population… (Art. 38.2.b.6thiv).
The INTERVENTION of residences for the elderly…. (Art. 38 bis.1).
The REPLACEMENT of the directors of the residences… by persons of “their confidence” (Art. 38 bis.1.e).
The REPLACEMENT AND TRANSFER of the residents to other places… (Art. 38 bis.1.b)

And, in the following 23 pages of this document of proposed law for the modification of the so far in force Law of Health of Galicia, from the end of page 80 to the end of the document, the chilling police-military regime and the sanctioning regime in the case of non-compliance with the law is established.

There is no allusion in the text to what would really be aspects of Health.

Current situation

People have not heard about all this because nothing has been said on TV, it has been kept very secret:

This bill to amend Law 8/2008 of July 10, 2008, on Galician Health, presented by the PP (which is the party that holds the majority in the Galician Parliament) has been taking the necessary steps in the Galician Parliament since its publication on November 23, 2020 in the Official Gazette of the Galician Parliament in order to reach its approval. Here you can consult the entire dossier: Expediente Ley Auschwitz.
In this file you can see that on 11/02/21 the Opinion of the 5th Commission, Health, Social Policy and Employment was approved. This means that the 59 amendments presented have been debated in the Galician Parliament and only some were admitted that had to do with the treatment of gender in the text of the law (5 of the PP and 1 of the BNG). The bulk of the law remains unchanged.
However, both the BNG and the PSOE can “defend” their amendments to the articles (those not accepted) in the Plenary of the Parliament, according to art. 119 of the regulations of the Galician Parliament, and they will do so after addressing a letter to the Bureau of the Parliament, which they presented by Register on 11/02/21. This act will take place next Tuesday, February 23, 2021, which will be when the parliamentary groups of the BNG and PSOE will defend in the Plenary of the Galician Parliament the amendments they presented and were not approved. The Plenary is convened for 10 a.m. on February 23, 2021.
Point 2.2 of the agenda states: “Debate and vote on the report, issued by Commission 5, Health, Social Policy and Employment, on the Proposition of law of modification of Law 8/2008, of 10 July, of health of Galicia (doc. No. 5637, 11/PPL-000001)…”. That is to say: in said plenary session, if some of the amendments that will be defended are approved, the text will return to the Commission and will not be submitted for approval or not at that time, but at a later date.


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