“Math is racist”: The controversial school initiative funded by Bill Gates.

Original news article: https://www.anarcolibertad.com/2021/02/19/las-matematicas-son-racistas-la-polemica-iniciativa-escolar-financiada-por-bill-gates/

Bill Gates, who has never teached anything in his life, wants to interfere in the cesspool that is public education by claiming that education is racist.

Gates donated hundreds of millions of dollars to institutions that support critical race theory, the idea that U.S. political and economic institutions are inherently racist, according to The Washington Free Beacon Feb. 17.

In this case, Gates’ money funds several organizations associated with Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction, a group of 25 educational organizations that argue that asking students to show their work and find the correct answer is a sign of racism.

They also argue that the “concept that mathematics is purely objective” is “unequivocally false,” and that focusing on the “right answer” to math equations is an example of white supremacy.

The Pathway published five guidelines by which secondary school teachers would detect when students use “white supremacist practices” that allegedly cause student “underachievement.”

These teaching changes specifically target black, Latino and multilingual students in grades 6, 7 and 8.

The initiative comes as a response to the protests and riots in the country last year, which accused U.S. society of racism.

For their part, school districts and state departments of education across the country are planning to implement this approach in their institutions.

However, this approach to education is not limited to mathematics; for example, the North Carolina Board of Education approved a history curriculum that will teach second graders “how diverse indigenous, religious, gender, and racial groups advocate for freedom and equality.”

Likewise, fourth graders will learn how “revolution, reform and resistance” shaped the state.

For The Jason Rantz Show radio talk show host Jason Rantz, “These resources help educators rid their classrooms of the plague of racist math by making their students dumber.”

On the other hand it would lead to disorder with its consideration that raising one’s hand to intervene in class is also evidence of white supremacy.

Thus: “Requiring students to raise their hands before speaking can reinforce paternalism and power grabbing, as well as break down the thinking, learning, and communication process,” the movement argues.

It is unclear why the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds these kinds of controversial radical theories, in addition to the numerous projects in which they also act as specialists.

For political scientist Carol M. Swain, certain curricula “proposed by Black Lives Matter and being adopted in too many places are really destructive to the black community and the black family and racial justice,” she told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

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