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Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causes
[Happy is he who can know the causes of things].

The bomb has exploded…

  • What bomb? – I asked.
  • The psychic bomb, the master bomb. It explodes and no one notices. It destroys hearts, souls and minds, and leaves bodies and refrigerators untouched.
    (James Baldwin)

In the world we live in most of the time we don’t know what causes things. Although classical physics holds that the universe is a kind of concatenated machine in which the same causes will always have the same effects and in which if we know an initial state we can predict virtually all future states within a system, our lives – our psychic and spiritual lives – and the things we encounter are not so easy to insert into this scheme.

In the poem “Someone,” Jorge Luis Borges writes:

“can suddenly feel, as he crosses the street,
a mysterious happiness
that comes not from the side of hope
but from an ancient innocence,
from his own root or from a scattered god”.

Have you ever felt joyful for no apparent reason, without a coherent cause, just because circumstances came together unexpectedly, a radiant morning, a happiness that does not seem to come from a concrete fact? Have you ever felt untimely miserable, when things were going well and suddenly everything collides, you get sick or reality seems to conspire against you, you move asynchronously even though you have tried to change, to enter into the cosmic rhythm and you have worked hard to manifest your intention?

Don Juan told Carlos Castaneda (or Castaneda said that Don Juan told him) that luck is a kind of power, a kind of generally invisible law. Why do some people seem to have more luck? Why are some people naturally light and others carry a weight on them, onerously inexplicable? We are not talking about genetics, and while some might think of mere chance, a combination of entropic factors, most people sense that there is an invisible cause, a secret order that animates them and determines what happens to them. We may think that the lives of others are random, but it is very rare that someone, though an atheist, though a scientistic, in his own case, in his own mind, does not think that there are forces at work in his destiny, generally imperceptible energies that affect his physical and emotional states: it is the primordial feeling of “why is this happening to me” and what motivates asking, praying, projecting, on the canvas of our mind.

It would seem that we are talking about karma. But in reality we are not only talking about this metaphysical law of cause and effect that transcends a single life, we are also talking about quantum entanglement, that principle that unites all the atoms of the universe in an instantaneous connection no matter how far apart they are (something that has been repeatedly proven in experiments).

Bell’s Theorem explains quantum entanglement as follows:

“Two particles that have interacted with each other remain linked in some way, and constitute parts of the same invisible system […]. We can conceive of the universe as a vast network of interacting particles, where each entanglement would link the participating particles into a single quantum system.

Sir James Frazer describes sympathetic magic in The Golden Bough similarly to what modern physics calls quantum entanglement:

“Things that have once been in contact with each other continue to influence each other from afar after physical contact has been severed.”

In addition to quantum entanglement we have in biologist Ruper Sheldrake’s morphic resonance, another scientific theory that feasibly explains how these causes that under our gnoseological paradigm are invisible are transmitted. This theory describes the transmission of information in nature through morphogenetic fields (information is a field like gravity), where the proximity of a species and the frequency of a habit (what has happened is more likely to happen again) determine the intensity with which we are affected by this dimension of information. In this sense what happens to a monkey affects a man less than what happens to another man (but everything that happens in the computer field of the universe affects him). And what happens to your mother or your girlfriend generally affects you more than what happens to a man in Madagascar, perhaps because of the level of quantum entanglement that exists between your cells and their cells. We are creating a telepathic structure of non-local interconnection, through which the unit assembles and self-projects.

Don Juan himself once tells Castaneda (the Casanova of the New Age) that he has to cut the ties he has with the women he has had sex with, since his energetic body is pierced by filaments that remain attached and continue to exchange energy (in most cases draining it). To do this he has to do what is called recapitulation, which somehow unravels the energetic network of his past.

Anyone who has seen the movie Donnie Darko will remember that, on the night of the end of the world, the hero sleeps with sweet Gretchen and in the ecstasy of love a kind of iridescent plasma filament is perceived coming out of his solar plexus and connecting him with the other things materializing his intention. Imagine these filaments exponentially connecting you with everyone, especially the people you have been closest to or think about the most (but also the ones who think about you, the rolling sorrows, the spiritual stones). And this filament could also be a kind of conduit or umbilical cord of psychism, what in Buddhism are called tulpas, like one of those gadgets with which doctors fill the bodies of convalescents with drugs.

Now try to calibrate what is being transmitted, what the world is transmitting to you-the people you loved, the people you hurt-and what you are transmitting to the world-what you think about every day, what you emanate to the cosmos. Maybe this could help explain why you feel the way you do or why you encounter invisible obstacles, why the universe doesn’t conspire in your favor (or why the universe does conspire in your favor).

A few days ago a friend visited me and chatting, looking at the industrial skyline of Mexico City, the Israeli embassy with its glass hexahedrons in the dome and the jacarandas like a vine with the invisible part of the sky, he told me a story that has motivated this article. A lady in her building is beaten by her husband and forced to stay at home. The husband works in a corporation, a menial position, but is trying to work his way up. On the other hand, he also manages a number of businesses. But despite all his efforts, he is treated like a slave at work and disdained; everything fails in his business, every attempt is ill-fated. My friend confides to me that, according to him, this happens because the woman is sabotaging him energetically, her spirit fires a kind of weapon at a distance that permanently mitigates him, “vampires him”. And she doesn’t know it, it’s an unconscious defense mechanism, perhaps also an old soul feud. Does my friend have a clear discernment or is it just a case of captivating paranoia?

It seems to me that at least on some level, this is happening to a greater or lesser extent all the time. If we are universe fractals, of the creator energy — “in image and likeness”… — we have deep down, unconsciously, the attributes of God. As the popular phrase goes: “be careful what you think because…”. Perhaps we are copies of God, but we are fragmented, sick, and for this reason our commands are not crystalline. We do not know what we want, because we do not know ourselves (in this impotence, Schopenhauer wrote: “why I cannot want what I want”) and we cannot articulate it with sufficient eloquence to make it a forceful and creative act of our spirit. To return to that instant of dawn where saying was doing, Thor was lightning.

This exercise is especially revealing on the emotional level. The affective relationships we have had, perhaps in some way mark the way the universe relates to us. As if people were symbols of the totality of the cosmos, dancing planets in our stellar orbit. Probably to the extent that we have treated others, the material matrix that makes up the universe receives us and treats us, this is the golden law, karma, but also understood from quantum physics. We are probably carrying numerous unfinished relationships, quantum entanglement channels transmitting information that we are not aware that they are being transmitted. (In the case of celebrities this can be a source of power or decay, is not Billie Eilish’s face and body the result of the thoughts of her fans, the masturbation of her idolaters, the projection of the adolescent hosts?).

“The biocontrol apparatus is prototypical of one-way telepathic control. The subject could be made susceptible to the transmitter through drugs or other processing without the need to install an apparatus. In the end the Broadcasters will use telepathic transmission exclusively. Have you ever seen the Mayan codices? I see them like this: the priests – like one percent of the population – made telepathic transmissions to instruct the workers what to feel and when”, William Burroughs.

Modern conspiracy theory speaks of an extraterrestrial race of beings that control humanity and feed on fear and the low vibrations of people. A kind of incubus that besiege our mind. Versions of vampirism. Versions of the Devil. The beast that seeks, encourages and feeds on our sin (or in the words of Gurdjief “everything that does not contribute to evolution”, low vibrations, food of parasites fallen from the sky?) In Gnosticism there is talk of the Archons, controllers of this planetary system similar to the agents of the movie The Matrix, who project a sophisticated holographic simulation. There is also talk of ascended masters (or bodhisattvas) and luminous extraterrestrials that supposedly emanate vibrations that push us to evolve. We would be then not only battling and waging an energetic war in this reality, but in different planes. Receiving from the ether different programs that affect the instant of our mind, our here and now oscillating also in invisible regions of the hyperdimensional geometry of space-time. Even if this is only a mythological skein full of symbols, it does not matter if it is real or not, but it strongly suggests that there is a transmission and interaction with this set of hallucinatory codes and symbolic emanations.

It is also possible that our own spirit, in its ubiquitous essence, is attempting to communicate with us and is transmitting vital psychic data. Perhaps our energetic family is also transmitting data down Akasha’s secret river. She whose face was forgotten when she fell to a planet and is remembered on the face of the stars.

The noise of others’ thoughts like a great machine beneath things. And the music of the spheres farther away, with their choir of angels. The sound of the harps of your cells tuning to the movements of the stars, the spirals of DNA and the serpent coiling in the sapphire branches of the tree of life growing over the sea. The voice in the wilderness. What would you listen to if you could silence your mind, erase your past and clear your code? What would you connect to if you could float in the void? What would cause you to be wholly your spirit?

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