Fauci does not rule out that the population will still have to wear masks in 2022.

The top US epidemiologist predicts, however, that the country could reach a “significant degree of normalcy” by the end of 2021.

Anthony Fauci, the top US epidemiologist, predicted Sunday that the US could reach “a significant degree of normalcy” by the end of this year, although he did not rule out citizens having to wear masks even in 2022.

In an interview on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ program, the country’s leading infectious disease expert detailed that this degree of normalcy may not be exactly like it was in November 2019, before the pandemic, “but it will be much, much better than what we have right now.”

However, Fauci stressed that this is only an estimate, and that “a lot of things can happen” that will change the forecast.

Be that as it may, the epidemiologist qualified that it is possible that people will have to wear masks next year as well, depending on the dynamics of the virus.

“When it comes down a lot and the vast majority of the population is vaccinated, then I would feel comfortable saying, you know, ‘we need to take off our masks,'” he emphasized.

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original source: https://periodismo–alternativo.com/fauci-no-descarta-que-la-poblacion-tenga-que-usar-mascarilla-aun-en-2022/

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