Is it true that Jews rule the world? The truth about the New World Order

We have all heard at some time that the Jews dominate the world or that they conspire against humanity. This is not something new, this kind of stories have been told since ancient times and everybody knows about the genocide against Jews during the Holocaust carried out during the Third Reich in Germany.

Now, in the 21st century, we are witnessing a new resurgence of the anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist movement that had been out of the public arena, but thanks to the media, it has gone viral through public figures such as Isabel Medina Peralta. This 18 year old girl defines herself as a fascist, socialist, anti-Zionist and is disgusted by VOX, even going so far as to declare that they are worse than Podemos. This girl has put the focus of all the evils of the world on the Jews. But is it true that the Jews dominate the world?

It is true that many of the most powerful people in the world are Jews. It is also true that the major international banking families such as the Rothschilds are Jewish in the public eye. The problem is that if we think that the Rothschilds, Soros, Rockefellers are simply Jews, we have really missed the point.

It is true that most big bankers say they are Jews. But that is what they say in public. In private they are satanists who do satanic rituals and they mask this with Judaism. But it has nothing to do with Judaism itself.

They must understand well how this enemy works. They are not Jews, they do not believe in the Torah, they do not believe in God. None of that. They are Jews in the public light, yes, but in private they are satanic Kabbalists.

Kabala is not Jewish. It is satanic and occult. The groups that practice kabala do not believe in God understood in a Jewish way, but believe in one or more satanic or evil divinities, such as Molock. Their god Molock accepts child sacrifices. These are stories that have been set up for centuries.

They perform evil in the world, wars, genocides, etc… as a ritual sacrifice to their gods. The elites who practice these satanic religions collaborate at a higher level, because their method to reach and retain power is based on murder, blackmail, manipulation.

Besides that many of these evil people who dominate the world are not only publicly Jews, there are also hierarchs of the Vatican, atheists, Chinese, etc. …. and all have in common that they practice pedosatanic religions.

Nor can we deny that Judaism has a reputation for promoting usury. And it may be true, since Jewish culture is more capitalistic. But there are many Jews who have contributed good things to society because of their faith in God, just as a Christian and/or a Muslim might. Everyone has their own culture and simply respect those who do good and do away with those who do evil. Being good or being bad is not defined by a religion. You can be a great person who brings good to humanity by being an atheist.

What role does Zionism play?
Satanic Kabala is masked in Zionism, in Freemasonry, in communism, in the Vatican, in Wall Street, in literally all places of power. Within the elite there are many groups of different types, as we have already discussed. There are different powers and these groups are perfectly hierarchical. At the top of this hierarchy are the pedosatanic mafias.

But the common defining feature of all the secret groups that conspire against humanity is that they are eugenicists, psychopaths, degenerates, pedophiles, occultists and satanists. That is why I see it more appropriate to refer to them with terms such as cabal, illuminati, deep state, eugenicist elites, satanic elites, since these are common traits.

Elites are basically clashing mafias. If a group of mentally ill millionaires dedicate themselves to record how politicians rape corpses to control them, they will surely reach the top of that hierarchy of mafias. In power there can only be one group. And the most mentally ill are the ones who make it to the top.

The Zionist groups are a mafia, they are at a level of power similar to the Russian mafia. They are powerful but they are not at the level of the pedosatanic groups. To control their politicians they force them to rape and murder children and record it. So their politicians and officials will go with them to the end and to the last consequences.

The Vatican hierarchs are not Jews. Neither are the Chinese. If we only talk about Zionist Jews we are left with a small part of the problem. The Zionist Jews are just another arm of this satanic cabal, a tool they can throw away when they are not needed. If we exterminate all the Jews of the world and make Israel disappear, will the problem of the new world order end? Surely not, the 2030 agenda would continue to move forward because it is China who puts up the dough.

As long as people do not understand who the enemy really is we are lost. The Satanic Kabbalists will rebuild the New World Order through countries like China, which have little to do with Judaism. In fact, China is a nationalist, socialist and genocidal regime.

Discover the Illuminati truth. Don’t get stuck with the Jew being the problem, because you miss 90 of the story. The cabal organizations interconnect and collaborate at an incredible level. They have a powerful international pedosatanic mafia network that controls many politicians, civil servants, businessmen… they have all the money in the world to carry out their plan. Their lives depend on it. They are afraid of us.

I hope they have understood the difference.

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