COVID-19: “The brainwashing techniques used are identical to those of the sects”.

COVID-19: “The brainwashing techniques used are identical to those of the sects”
For Dr. Badel, psychiatrist, the psychological consequences of the techniques of political manipulation are very serious and lead to a rupture between two parts of the population that may come to confront each other: “The measures taken alter the health of the population and kill. They are anti-health. The dictatorship is underway,” he wrote in an article published on December 22, 2020 on that we wanted to reproduce.

“Covid 19, a virus and men.”

Today, the manipulation continues to use the same methods to incite vaccination

Indeed, vaccination against a virus that exposes to death less than 0.5% of infected persons, the average age of the victims being 84 years, to vaccinate against a virus which, moreover, is governed like this type of virus by the rule of mutation (several have already been detected), is not rational. It is absurd from a medical point of view. The benefit-risk ratio is not favorable and the question of developing such a vaccine should not even be raised. Moreover, there are treatments for this disease and they are effective. But there is no room for science. It is the doctors on the television sets who form the opinion, despite their collusion with the laboratories for which they are rarely called to account.

The population is divided into two groups

The first, heterogeneous, is made up of people who are in favor of the vaccine. It brings together those who, out of conviction or fatigue, are ready to submit to it in order to get out of the crisis. Thus, it gives shelter to people who have been able to raise awareness, who believe without hesitation in the message transmitted by the airwaves. They will remain receptive to all the messages of danger and will accept the method to get out of the crisis, even if it is accompanied by a permanent deprivation of their rights. This group also includes people who have long since isolated themselves from all information in order to protect themselves, and who have become indifferent to all discourse. For them, the most important thing is to stop listening to the issue. They have disqualified all opinions in order to neutralize them. Thus, the lure of tests leading to an epidemic of cases, with no deaths and no sick people, does not make them see reason, as if their brains had been switched off. Their priority is to put an end to the abuses inflicted on them by isolating themselves from any discomfort.

The second group brings together the detractors of the vaccine, those who have escaped the influence of the media, who have often taken advice or sought information outside the traditional sources, while remaining sensitive to the reality of their environment (hospital services not saturated), number of deaths comparable to previous years, measures taken that are not proportionate, cuts in fundamental rights without justification, etc.). These people have also integrated that a vaccination would not exempt them from the measures of social distancing and, therefore, that conviviality would not be restored, that the government would arbitrarily maintain control over the population and its activities. Above all, they observe the increasing interference of the State in their daily and private lives.

These two groups are now separated by a line that will be difficult to move. Manipulation has shown limits that were predictable and will have no effect on those it has tried, in vain, to convince. These groups have stagnated, their numbers have become immobilized, and no matter what arguments are put forward, what scandals are established, or what evidence is provided, they will drown in an inalienable national narrative that is impossible to denounce except to be treated as a conspirator.

These two groups are now separated by a line that will be difficult to move. Manipulation has shown limits that were predictable and will have no effect on those it has tried, in vain, to convince. These groups have frozen, their numbers have been immobilized, and no matter what arguments are made, no matter what scandals are established, no matter what evidence is provided, they will drown in an inalienable national narrative that is impossible to denounce, except to be treated as conspirators. Words will have replaced reality and, used in the wrong way, will have lost their meaning and will convey ideas contrary to the facts. The incumbent power will even be able to confess his lies, the people will acclaim him, unable to believe that he is malicious and convinced that he is above suspicion. Therefore, it is no longer the time to publish the results of studies proving the efficacy of such and such a product, the lie about such and such another product, to produce curves showing the infinitesimal nature of the health risk and the disproportionate nature of the reactions of fear. Deafness and blindness reign among people who, when conditioned, lack judgment and are incapable of admitting that objective facts can disprove the reality they have constructed.

Organizing a confrontation between these two population groups is a possibility – an opportunity – that is now possible.

Our leaders must act quickly to stimulate a social organization that opposes the good and bad citizens, the healthy, docile, responsible and vaccinated people and the toxic, rebellious, incoherent and unvaccinated people. This system of good citizens is present in China. It is based on denunciation and obedience to the rule.

The good use by the government of graduation in coercion and submission of the people lead so far to the acceptance of an unnecessary vaccination whose toxicity is not evaluated and for which laboratories, given the speed with which products are developed, have already negotiated not to be responsible for possible side effects, obtaining from the States to be responsible for such consequences.

And why not ultimately, since politicians have become doctors. Our governments and our parliamentarians, through their power and influence, will incite an entire population to make a gesture whose interest is not proven and whose consequences are not measured, and thus present themselves as saviors.

This evokes sectarian techniques and collective suicides. To escape the end of the world or aliens – here the deadly virus – sacrifice is presented as a savior. The reality buried under the daily discordant, guilt-ridden messages has given way to a delirium in which logical links are dissolved.

Sects make use of these means: isolating individuals by detaching them from their social and family ties, making people dependent by depriving them of their means of subsistence, propagating an unequivocal discourse hammered in permanent solemn masses, expelling all divergent thought, presenting adversaries as harmful who understand neither their own interest nor the higher common interest. “Us against others” is generally the simple doctrine and understandable by all, because it is simplistic, and unfortunately adopted.

The milestone has been passed. Now that the dividing lines that divide the population are increasingly clear, this government no longer has the opportunity to return to more reasonable and proportionate positions. It has done everything possible in the realm of manipulation, it has mobilized all spheres of influence while remaining credible to a significant part of the population. For those who, as rebels, refuse to join, other even more coercive methods are needed.

The signs of this totalitarian drift are to be found in the brainwashing techniques employed, which are identical to those used by the sects….

They were there from the beginning, but how can we believe that a democratically elected government can turn against its people?

Today, a part of this people is plunged into poverty, disorder, the “non-essential” are starting to commit suicide, psychiatric disorders are multiplying and…. the scientific council continues to assure its solemn mass to an army of hallucinated faithful.

Tomorrow, any virus, real or fictitious, could once again sow terror in populations willing to be vaccinated to preserve a little freedom. They are ready for it. And if the current tests continue to be used – against all logic – even vaccinated populations will be positive and remain contagious. Distancing measures will remain the norm.

As a further sign of deception, the men who whisper in the ear of viruses are already predicting the coming waves and when they will appear. All science has really deserted our societies. The social networks, “conspiratorial”, have given dates of confinement long before their official announcement, thus showing that any health concerns were absent from the official decisions.

The human consequences are terrible. Any place of conviviality has disappeared, people are more isolated than ever, they suffer iniquitous measures imposed by a handful of leaders, without any consultation, under the pretext of ensuring their salvation. What makes us human, our capacity to create bonds, our need to be in contact with others, is threatened. The social fabric has dissolved in the measures imposed by a regime that has gone mad, out of control, deploying a long-established road map despite any consideration of reality.

The measures adopted alter the health of the population and kill. They are anti-health. The dictatorship is on the march.

Our way of life has indeed changed; Covid is only the pretext, the catalyst. This deterioration of our living conditions and the disproportionate measures taken to combat a virus give credence to the discourse of those who see in it the way to establish a new world order that must annihilate our privacy and our individual rights.

The first indications are that this new order is bearing fruit.

Dr. Frédéric Badel, psychiatrist.

original article (in spanish):

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