“Elena Maleno Garzón, very close to Podemos; the organizer of migrations by boat -for 100,000 euros a year-, who removes small boats from Morocco to the Canary Islands. A Jesuit invention of the University of Comillas where Juan Carlos Monedero came from, and with an Intelligence structure from her house in Morocco that answers to Israel”.

Betrayal of Spain is only written as betrayal. Under the cloak of humanitarian aid and other fictitious scenarios of the British and Israeli sea mafias, these podemites float.

Of Elena Maleo I spoke when it was evidenced her participation in the arrival of the AQUARIUS, and the 100,000 euros in 2015 that now with its relevance of independentist and podemitas recognitions is much more.

Who is Elena Maleno, they are archetypes manufactured by the globalist international leftist Intelligence to achieve their objectives ordered by the elite, like Dina Bousselham (also from the Jesuit Complutense University of Madrid with the son of Santiago Carrillo who was many years in rectorate), or the Catalan Elsa Artadi, or the Cuban Yoani Sanchez, or the later abandoned by Zapatero -Aminatou Haidar-, for interests of Aramco (JP Morgan, George Soros), in the region.

She collaborates with the Jesuit University of Comillas, which has given her an award of recognition, the same university that hires Juan Carlos Monedero of Podemos.

Elena Maleno organized the arrival of the AQUARIUS in Valencia with the Catalan independentists and organized its reception near Cheste with the Valencian left.

She has lived in Nigeria to organize the arrival of Nigerians to Spain by plane and then in mother ships that tow the boats to which they get on when they have arrived in Spanish waters and communicate to Salvamento Maritimo and Red Cross exactly how many men soldiers, women and children arrive in how many boats.

Elena Maleno is protected by the podemite socialist government, and rewarded by the Italian government, and the Bilduetarra Council of Donostia. The evil and the danger that they can cause does not matter to them with their excuses of humanitarianism when what we care about are soldiers as we have already seen in the Canary Islands in the municipality of TACO in Tenerife.

She works with Women’s Link Worldwide and the General Council of Spanish Lawyers in different reports on the situation of women. Organizations closely related to George Soros’ NGOs.

The relations of George Soros with Open Arms, or Save The Children when the tentacles of these personalities have more to do with pedophilia than with any intention to save children, women, and Nigerian soldiers. Save The Children publishes books by Soros’ Open Society.

Recognitions and even Nobel prizes were also given to Obama who every Friday signed drone attacks on African villages. Certain awards and recognitions seek to camouflage other very worrying realities. Soros’s organizations to end Western democracies are very numerous and these are also related to them.

“She develops research on border externalization, deportations and asylum for organizations such as Sos Racismo, Oxfam Intermón or the Jesuit Refugee Service. Between 2007 and 2009 she was a delegate in Morocco for the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR)”.

Her journalistic work is with eldiario.es and Público, linked to George Soros’ organizations.

Helena Maleno Garzón, founder of the NGO Caminando Fronteras -received only in 2015 $100,000 from Soros’ Open Society-, boasts of having facilitated 10,000 immigrants to arrive in Spain in patera. source: https://telegra.ph/Traficante-financiada-por-Soros-Helena-M-Garz%C3%B3n-tiene-contacto-directo-con-pateras-04-03
The different Masonic governments of Spain play with hypocrisy, they keep the borders closed while they allow the arrival of illegal immigration that they legalize, by aid protocols that they could not organize with open borders, that’s why they do it this way. They put our Navy frigates as if they were a particular corporate NGO at the service of law firms in London, Tel Aviv, and Washington. And they look for controlled careerist figures of people with many desires to stand out at any price with the most far-fetched strategies and that harm our nation.

The day George Soros activates immigrant violence, remember “humanitarian aid”.

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