Why wouldn’t someone want to have all the information available? If you take a drug, do you only want to hear the partial side effects or do you want to hear all of them? What if the drug company decided, let’s say hypothetically, that their drugs could have potentially serious side effects? Would you be okay with only then seeing the information they decide to show you?

How do you know that the information that is being censored to “protect” you is being censored to protect you? What if some of the information that is being censored could save you? What if it is being censored to protect other people instead of you?

How would you know?

How do you think you can come to a firm conclusion on your own when you have been denied all the information necessary to come to a conclusion? Isn’t the absence of relevant information helping you draw your parallel conclusions or mimicking the beliefs of those withholding information from you?

What if they have an agenda, how would you know?

So, your conclusions are really just the product of the people censoring, because in essence, they pushed your perception by pushing the content of the information you could see. You didn’t get all the information, just what the strategists decided they wanted you to see.

Therefore, that you favored their opinion is a foregone conclusion.

  1. You were told there was harmful information.
  2. They told you that they would save you from the harmful information.
  3. And now, even before you have seen ANY information, you have an implicit bias in favor of the censors, because you think they are protecting you, so that when you see their information, you automatically think that they are good, and the censored are the bad guys.

If this statement were not true, you would not be in favor of censorship.

You like to be told, not only what to do, but also what to think. It makes you feel safe. And you also rejoice in censorship, because it helps validate that implicit bias I mentioned earlier.

Edurne (Scabelum)

original article (in spanish):

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