In a pandemic, you have to describe the focus that produces it and the disease it is causing. Dr. Sevillano relates how he confronted and discovered the cause of the Covid-19 disease. He took a map. And with different colored markers, he checked that all the sick people were concentrated around the something. What he found was incompatible with an infection. In an infectious focus there is no “gradient effect”. The most seriously ill people were close to the focus. The less serious people were far from the focus. There is no such thing in an infection. He asked himself: What is here? He went one night and found that there was a telephone antenna.

The frequency of radiation emitted by antennas has an effect on their surroundings. The atoms that make up matter, at a certain vibration, become excited. The microwave oven, at a frequency of 2.4 GH (gigahertz), excites hydrogen atoms. This is why food containing water is heated. At the frequency of 60 GH, oxygen atoms are excited. This is the key to the disease. Irradiation at this frequency to a person in due time and with adequate proximity, is an aggression that causes inflammation of tissues and thrombi in the blood. Dyspnea appears, a sensation of shortness of breath. It triggers hemoglobin and thrombi are formed. This is exactly what the Italian forensic experts found in the corpses they autopsied.

It is true that 5G does not emit continuously at such a high frequency, but Covid manifested itself successively in the areas where this technology was being tested, at which time there were emissions at very different frequencies, including maximum frequencies. This explains many things, such as the fact that the disease hardly exists in areas far from civilization.

Covid-19 disease, the real disease, is electromagnetic irradiation emitted from mobile telephone antennas. This irradiation, in its most severe form, involves tissue inflammation and thrombi in the blood. The rest is made up of the inclusion of deaths from the common flu, which has led to the ceremony of confusion and which is the real core of the so-called second and third waves (and those to come).

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