The “health pass”: Macron sets France on the road to health apartheid

France has difficulties in reopening for the simple reason that its leaders do not want to normalize the situation under any circumstances, that is to say in such a way that life returns to “as it was before”. Society must change profoundly, it must accept surveillance, random restrictions, anarchy, the end of freedoms. Liberal society must be destroyed. Beyond Covid, independently of Covid. To do this, man must be complete in his humanity to accept this new world. He seems to be on point. Macron announces the “sanitary pass” to access the places of social life, with test, vaccination, personal data…That is apartheid, here sanitary, when men and women do not have access to social life, because they are men or women, but according to other criteria: their skin color, a sanitary test, etc. As Joseph de Maistre said, “each nation has the government it deserves”. It is time for the French to raise their heads and claim the government that France deserves.

As Israel has recently announced (see our text here), the new world is not open to all, only to those who have been subdued, crushed, erased. But we cannot base ourselves on a visible criterion, like that of apartheid in South Africa, so we must objectify, materialize, the difference between men and thus dehumanize them. As in South Africa, as under the Nazi occupation, only some people had access to public space, the others had to be distinguished from afar (by their skin color, by a yellow star).

The global world of Covid, very symbolically, has reversed the logic of marking. In sanitary apartheid, it is the submissive who must be marked, since submission is the conditio sine qua non for access to the social public space in its entirety. Moreover, Macron has explained it perfectly. This “health pass”, which should give access to restaurants, cinemas and other collective places as soon as they reopen (as they will have to be opened and relax the population a little), should not be confused with the vaccination passport, since, on the one hand, vaccination is not accessible to everyone and, above all, because it is much broader: it must contain other data, such as a recent test, personal data, etc.

In this very progressive vision of a “clean” society, deprived of men for lack of being deprived of diseases, this “health pass” will finally make it possible to limit access to clean and submissive people, while making it possible to locate them. It is now much easier to understand the relentlessness of the confinements and the hours of departure: the life of the French had to be made so unbearable that this fundamental attack on their freedom and their human condition was considered a blessing.

In other words, access to social life reserved for a certain category of people is apartheid. It is not so much the term that is shocking as the fact.

And even more shocking, since the President does not see any ethical problem in it, but merely technical questions to be resolved by the Council of Ministers. The interest of this future law in perpetuating the health emergency regime is better understood…. (see our text here). When a mechanism of this magnitude is put in place, it is not temporary. Moreover, Macron does not speak of limiting this “health pass” to the Covid issue, and for a good reason: there will always be a potential virus, the Covid itself, like the flu, is not ready to disappear. Therefore, there will be for a long time a “rationale” for submission and control. Eventually, people will have forgotten how and why this started, people will get used to it and man will have lost.

Dear compatriots, I do not know what your France is like, but mine is not that submissive slave, who no longer even dares to look up and assume her face, who asks permission to go out, who waits trembling confined in her penates. I don’t know how you see the government of France, but it deserves better than these fanatical puppets who are destroying it.

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