The dark business of diamonds made from victims of pedosatanic rituals.


This information is not for the faint of heart. I thought nothing could surprise or shock me. After studying information about Pizzagate, Adrenochrome, the occult, which the elite have been doing for centuries, about sacrifices, hunting people, pedophilia in the highest political circles, I thought I had seen it all, although it was very difficult at first.
Today things were different. I accidentally found a video of a girl. She is a high level insider who exposes the Illuminati and the satanic elite. She talks about mass child trafficking, child abuse, cannibalism, tunnels, satanic rituals and other unbelievable things they did. She was raised in a cult and trained for the role of Mother of Darkness.

This girl talked about the various sources of income the elite have from a child abducted or born into a cult.
Among the things she exposed: “First, the profit is made from the sale of child sex. Then the child is given to the ritual, more money is paid for ritual murder and even more for cannibalism.” After burning the body, a diamond is made from the ashes and sold as part of an exclusive collection. It only takes half a cup of ashes to make one diamond, so 50/100 diamonds can be made from a single body. Some bones are dried, crushed and sold to food companies for seasoning, making flour, stuffing into dietary supplements (this is a satanic ritual, as human remains end up in many people’s bodies). The people themselves pay them for the food, unsuspectingly. Thus, the income of one child is hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

With 800,000 missing children a year in the United States, this is the most lucrative business. There are also crematoria on Epstein Island, he said. There they made diamonds from sacrificed children. There are many celebrities and other Satanists who wear “blood” diamonds/diamonds made from sacrificed children. He also said that the color of a diamond is impossible to predict and that these gems are used in the production of fabulously expensive Victotia’s Secret lingerie.

What benefit do they get from a child? A brief summary:
$ = child trafficking
$$$ = use for rituals and sacrifices
$$$ = profit from the production of diamonds as a reminder of the sacrifice
$$$$ = Sell the victim as an exclusive diamond in the marketplace
$$$$$ = Selling crushed bones to food companies, stay in food

In addition, the bags and shoes are made of children’s fur. Many have probably seen the pictures of the men in the red shoe club. As always, you can’t trust anyone’s words, so do more research on this topic.
Diamonds from dust: is it a sick fantasy of the victim of Satanists or reality?

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