UK government admits Covid vaccines are basically useless, offering no protection against reinfection

The scientific consensus in the early 2020s was one of coercion and fear, instructing humans around the world to separate, lock themselves in, mask themselves, follow lines in an apartment, and trace contacts until a vaccine was produced and released to the entire population.

Now that experimental vaccines are being rolled out and offered to the world’s population, public health authorities seem unwilling to loosen their grip.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock chided everyone in the country to continue to mask and continue to follow the blocking restrictions and false contact arrest, even after vaccination.

“I want to reiterate an important point made by the Chief Medical Officers and the clinical advice they have been giving: even if you have been vaccinated, the rules still apply,” Matt Hancock chided at a press conference in London.

The man behind the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci, echoed Hancock, warning all vaccine recipients to continue masking even after the second dose. He even stated that two masks are better than one and recommends double masking even after double vaccination.

Hancock said the first vaccination does not protect anyone. He said it takes three weeks and a second dose before the body learns to build immunity to the coronavirus spike proteins. In addition, he argued that masks will be necessary even after the second dose because “we still don’t know if you will be able to transmit the coronavirus to another person,” he said.

The UK government is essentially admitting that the covid-19 vaccines are meaningless and offer zero protection.

If a person can continue to get sick from Covid-19 after vaccination and spread live viral particles through their saliva and aerosols, then the vaccines don’t work.

How many doses of vaccine will it take to prove this?

England’s deputy chief medical officer, Jonathan Van-Tam, agreed with the assessment and warned all vaccine recipients to follow blocking and contact-tracing procedures even after the first two doses.

Van-Tam admitted that “we don’t yet know the impact of the vaccine on virus transmission.”

Wait, weren’t the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines 95% effective? How come public health officials are worried about the greatest modern medical miracle in the history of the world?

“Even after you have received the two doses of vaccine, you can still transmit COVID-19 to another person. The chains of transmission will continue.”

“If you change your behavior you could continue to spread the virus, keeping the number of cases high and putting others at risk who also need their vaccine but are further down the queue.”

Medical systems are broken around the world and promise more failures with useless vaccines

The National Health Service (NHS) continues to dangerously put people on ventilators, bypassing proper immune therapy and ignoring the damage the ventilators are doing to infected people. At the time of Hancock’s press conference, there were 37,899 people admitted to UK hospitals, 4,076 of them hooked up to ventilators.

Now, after coercing people to wait for vaccines as the holy savior, health authorities around the world are warning that vaccines are useless and offer zero protection after all.

When 2021 ends, the world will sigh nostalgically for the devastation of 2020. If vaccines do not “stop the spread” as promised, what is the next level of control and fraud that will be deployed worldwide?

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