Dr. Tenpenny explains how mRNA vaccines will herald the depopulation process in the next three to six months

Filibert: This article confirms what Professor Dolores Cahill of Dublin was saying, estimating that at least 30% of those vaccinated will die within a few months from cytokine storm (something like a peanut allergy), once the body has synthesized the spike protein in large quantities! French geneticist Alexandra Henrion-Caude agrees with Dolores Cahill on this analysis and process.

Dr. Tenpenny explains how mRNA vaccines will begin the depopulation process in the next 3 to 6 months (July 2021). She and other scientists have predicted that millions of people could die and that their deaths would be attributed to a new strain of COVID, to drive vaccines. Here are some more significant excerpts from the interview, “In the United States, in the first 30 days after the start of vaccination, there have been adverse events so far in more than 40,000 people, including about 31,000 cases of anaphylactic shock, about 5,000 cases of neurological reactions and other problems, but that’s just the beginning.

These vaccines will essentially create a phenomenon called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) or an increased dependence on antibodies that will allow a “chunk” of messenger mRNA to replicate indefinitely creating chunks of protein (Protein Spike) inside our body. In response, it will produce antibodies, which is why Bill Gates said that our body will become an “automatic producer of endogenous vaccines” in response to these proteins.”

This is why we talk about English and Brazilian variants, on the contrary, already present in our bodies due to mass vaccinations. The example of Umbria, which ranks first in terms of number of vaccinations, offers food for thought: it is in this region that there is an explosion of Covid with all its variants. The Trojan horse, as Dr. Tenpenny says, is injected into us. Tenpenny, is in fact injected into us through the mRNA vaccine, and there are several mechanisms by which these substances will create this chaos in us, namely the antibodies that will destroy our lungs and deactivate the inflammatory antimacrophages and bring the virus inside the cell allowing it to replicate and causing the death of many people within a year of vaccination: not only for anaphylactic shock or cardiovascular disease, but also for autoimmune diseases as the Spike protein antibodies will start attacking and breaking down red blood cells. When people start dying, doctors recommend additional doses and the booster vaccine will aggravate the situation.

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    1. It wont, because most vaccinated parents are waiting for approval so they can inject their offspring.


  1. If I were to get a prescription of ivermectin how many milligrams would I ask for and how should I take it. I don’t have Covid want this meds for precautions?
    Also have not taking the shot and will not.


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