Strategies to circumvent the vaccine without having to give too much explanation

Today we would like to echo a publication made by the Telegram channel Humanos Conscientes y Libres in which it explains the strategy that can be carried out by those people who do not want to get vaccinated and who, due to circumstances, do not want to give too many explanations and feel pressured either for work reasons or for any other reason.

We believe that the points made are absolutely reasonable and reasoned, so we understand that for many people they may be useful.

  1. Lawyer Sergio Cebolla’s strategy: You do not have to say Yes / No. The law defends informed consent on the part of the patient. If the patient (i.e., you) does not have enough information to decide, then he/she cannot decide. Therefore, you ask for more information from whoever asks you to get vaccinated: …If they give you more information, you say it is not enough and ask for more information; and so on at eternum. You make them as dizzy as you can and more.
  2. Strategy Dr. Benito: A vaccine cannot be administered without a doctor’s prescription. Is there any doctor who would dare to prescribe an experimental vaccine? Answer: No. Nobody wants to sign anything. If you ask the doctor for a signature according to which he is responsible for the side effects of the vaccine, according to Law 40/2015, of October 1, on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector, then he will not sign it; and without a medical prescription, you cannot be vaccinated.
  3. Strategy Dr. Sevillano: A contraindication of the vaccine is NOT having Sars-CoV-2; nor having had it in the last 3 months. But how can you know this by doing a PCR? That can’t guarantee that you don’t have it at that moment; or that you won’t have it tomorrow. The answer is that you cannot know. And since you can’t know, you don’t get it, period.
  4. Lawyer José Ortega’s strategy: Invoking international treaties and refusing on the basis of them: Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, October 19, 2005; and the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine, done in Oviedo on April 4, 1997.

It is up to each one to choose the one that best suits him/her. I believe that the best is to apply 1 and 2 at the same time. In the rare case that you are given all the information and a doctor has the balls to sign his name to a medical prescription, then you can always apply 3 or 4.

But, wow! In no case do I get vaccinated. That’s Game Over.

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