Covid’s plot revealed by a journalist!

Christophe Barbier the Conseiller médias “Media Advisor” of Macron, in an impulse of sincerity admitted in his last book “Les Tyrannies de l’épidémie” (Fayard editions): “The distress was organized by the administration and the political power so that people would not rebel. And this has worked.”

In yesterday’s article entitled “Power fears a social explosion”, my colleague Brigitte Bouzonnie compared the social situation to a “simmering pressure cooker”.

And at the risk of being wrong, I would say that we are rather close to an insurrection because demonstrations are useless, banned and violently repressed. For the last two years, the chanting marches have only produced wounded, one-eyed and mutilated people. For nothing!

This mafia power has reduced our freedoms to a minimum, has conditioned and manipulated us with a pandemic that it prolongs instead of treating it, privileges vaccination instead of the treatments recommended by the greatest virologists, tries to pass off all scientists as charlatans, doctors and specialists in infectious diseases who describe Covid’s management as absurd and unfounded, does not even take into account the warnings of the UN, does the opposite of what the WHO recommends and, to top it all, continues to keep the population in a climate of fear and psychosis worthy of the worst dictatorships.

So public opinion is deceived with rigged polls, trying to make believe that the majority of the French would be in favor of the confinement, the curfew, the vaccination and all the measures decided by this government, which is probably the most unpopular we have had in a long time.

It has never been seen that a party of a President of the Republic has registered such a slap in the face in the municipal elections, in which it painfully reached 2.6% of the votes cast. Figures speak louder than words.

Who can believe that Macron is telling the truth? Who can continue to swallow the lying propaganda of the media when we know that they all belong to those who financed his campaign and put him in power?

From the media to the censorship of American social networks, we are saturated with disinformation, lies and manipulations to the point of indecency. And the result is that public opinion is about to explode, proving that no one believes in the sincerity of the media and even less in the honesty of politicians.

What is the reality? In a poll published in 2020 that has now disappeared from Google’s radars, the press echoed a survey that sent shock waves through the Elysée: 91% of the French no longer trust this government! Macron solved the problem by resorting to another demoscopic institute where the son of his wife Brigitte Trogneux is at the head. One is never better served than by oneself… but the French are not fooled… This president knows perfectly well that without the police, he would probably be lynched by the people and for that reason he grants the forces of repression everything they ask for….

Vaccination is, according to own confessions the Italian news channel RAI News, a total failure in France as in Italy. People are not stupid, they inform themselves in the independent media on the Internet and discover the tragic consequences of this vaccination among those who were proud to be the “champions”: Israel, United Kingdom, Chile. The number of deaths that they try to minimize and pass off as collateral damage, as losses and benefits, is infinitely higher than the deaths attributed to the virus itself, since the average is 13 to 15% of deaths and serious complications from vaccination compared to 0.03% for Covid! That’s a big difference.

And each passing day brings its dose of revelations. Of course, there is the Grand Reset, but also the usual but revealed corruption of the European bodies, of the spokesmen of vaccination linked to the laboratories, the false testimonies of sold doctors, the false figures of hospitalized, the rigged reports in which figurants are used playing the Covid patients for the needs of propaganda. With this government, we are witnessing the worst!

And even poor Christophe Barbier the “media advisor” of Macron, in an impulse of sincerity admits in his last book Les Tyrannies de l’épidémie (Fayard editions) : “The distress was organized by the administration and the political power so that people would not rebel. And it worked.

Thank you for this revelation that confirms everything the conspiracy theorists have been saying for a year. We deserve respect and recognition.

Therefore, this collective psychosis was also organized to wipe out the Gilets Jaunes and prevent the social outbreak. The Covid has served as an alibi for this murderous power to apply the most abject liberticidal measures that a government can decree. The health emergency has served as an excuse for the worst crime against humanity, as our elderly were euthanized and buried anonymously, without the families even being able to organize the funerals of their loved ones, accused of being contaminated and dangerous.

It is absolutely disgusting! There are no words to describe the disgust of this criminal power! There are no words to describe the rage we all feel.

Every day we hear about lawyers filing charges for voluntary manslaughter and therefore for crime, for murder! The number of victims of this forced vaccination campaign is staggering and Macron will not be able to hide it indefinitely because he is the main responsible, the real culprit of this mass butchery.

I have been trying for a year to say and write that the virus is a genetically modified and lab-made biological weapon, so the Covid operation is criminal, it masks other objectives, it is used to scare and silence us! I have been trying for a year to warn public opinion, with supporting evidence, along with so many other independent journalists and whistleblowers. For a year now, I have been spreading the warning messages of clairvoyant minds, scientists, virologists, great jurists such as Robert F. Kennedy, Reiner Fuellmich, Carlo Brusa, Virginie de Araujo-Recchia, Rocco Galati, Dominic Desjarlais, Fabrice Di Vizio.

I don’t know what to do to make us all react together and put an end to this nightmare.

I am at my limit, I have done my part, I have taken all the risks one can take as a human being to try to inform my fellow human beings as best as possible. Aside from the problems, I have nothing to gain because no one pays me to write what I publish. I do it because not telling the truth when you know it would be an act of cowardice.

I have within me the conviction that my children’s future will be atrocious if I do nothing. It is especially for them and for all the children of France that I express my anger, my indignation and that I am ready to die on the barricades if necessary.

If we are parents worthy of the name, if we are human beings worthy of our humanity, if we are a people attached to freedom and dignity, we have the imperative duty to mobilize, to unite and to act so that this criminal power is stopped and judged in a NurembergII!

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