Health workers are not heroes.

Article by Virginia

You can’t believe it, you can’t believe that our health workers, that our boys and girls, who have worked and are working their butts off in the fight against the virus, are wrong, are as much victims as anyone else of the pandemic hoax and collaborate more than anyone else with that hoax. How can our boys be bad guys? I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that all these people are implementing harmful protocols and treatments and don’t know about it or don’t want to know about it. I believe that the soldiers of old had their faith and died and killed for it, I believe that the Nazis were evil and that they convinced or fooled a lot of people – but that’s in history, in documentaries and movies: in real life, most people are decent people, who don’t do evil and criminal things.

And within that majority of decent people are the heroes: those who are thought of as going out of their way to save others. They started out as the warriors, the soldiers, who kill to save lives, to save the people, and they end up being the “health workers”, who do the same: in the mythology propagated by the mass media, they kill the virus; in the suspicion of the disillusioned people, they kill the people, and that is why they are called ‘health workers’.

And people always applaud the heroes, the more they kill, because the myth always says: The more they kill, the more they save. Some will say that there are big differences – and it is true that the tactics of massacre and oppression have progressed a lot. There are differences, but also more similarities than are usually recognized (even if the warlike nature of the enterprise has not been disguised at all). Those old-fashioned wars also harmed the people they claimed to save, they also moved money, information and power, they were also waged in the name of the highest and undisputed good: the homeland, life, salvation, the elderly, women, children – today called ‘vulnerable’, then ‘weak’.

But the world is now one, and there is no sternal -human- enemy left to justify the enterprise of war against people, the open war, however disguised, of Power against people. And civilized men, who had become pacifists, humanists, enlightened, tolerant, continue to applaud their oppressors, continue to offer sacrifices to save the fatherland, and once again call heroes those who do not decide the war but carry it out.

Yes, to the homeland. For what is public health more than the homeland? Or, if you prefer, what was the fatherland more than the public health for which it was necessary to sacrifice oneself? What is fatherland more than public health more than common good? It is wonderful to have abolished a word in order to keep a more perfect faith with its Idea! It is wonderful to think of past peoples as fools who lived in a kind of darkness of brutality and superstition that the rays of the sun of our vague progressive world would have definitively cleared up!

No: obedience is always the same. You are them. You are the Nazis, the Fascists, the Bolsheviks, the Greys, the Yankees, the Spaniards, the Romans. Only when you see how you are them, how they operate in you and govern you with the same ideals, will you, perhaps, stop being them.

January 30 and March 26, 2021.

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