Pro-vaccine cybersecurity expert Dan Kaminsky DEAD at 42 after experimental COVID injection

by Brian Shilhavy

The New York Post reports that 42-year-old cybersecurity expert Dan Kaminsky died shortly after receiving an experimental injection of COVID.

Cybersecurity expert Dan Kaminsky has died at the age of 42, leaving his niece to fight speculation that he died from complications from a recent COVID-19 vaccine.

The tech genius’s niece, Sarah, confirmed the news over the weekend, citing diabetic ketoacidosis, a serious complication of diabetes, as the cause of death. At the same time, she sought to quell reports that Kaminsky’s death was related to the coronavirus vaccine Kaminsky tweeted he had received on April 12.

“Although his death was sudden and unexpected to us, Dan has struggled for years with diabetes and was even hospitalized recently as a result of it,” according to the niece, whose message was tweeted Sunday.

“I think Dan would scoff at the idea that conspiracy theorists are promoting anti-vaccine propaganda through his death,” she added. “But as his family, it pains us to see his death being used to spread lies about a vaccine he fully trusted.”

Mr. Kaminsky’s tweets on Twitter before his death made it abundantly clear that he was “pro-vaccine” and pro-COVID.

On April 12, 2021, he proudly received an experimental COVID injection at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center.

The next day, he tweeted his disgust at the discontinuation of the J&J and AstraZeneca injections due to deadly blood clots, expressing his belief that people were dying as a result of the discontinuation of the injections, and that one was more likely to die from being struck by lightning than from a rare side effect of a COVID injection.

According to the NY Post

Kaminsky is perhaps best known for his work on the Domain Name System, which is a database where Internet domain names are located and translated into Internet Protocol addresses. In 2008, Kaminsky revealed a fundamental security flaw in the DNS at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, which led to widespread changes.

Kaminsky, who also served as a consultant to several Fortune 500 companies on security, was so trusted for his skills that he was selected in 2010 as one of seven people who could “reboot the Web” in the event of a catastrophic Internet crisis.

Less than two weeks after an injection of a COVID vaccine, he died. Apparently, his faith in the safety of the injection did not save him.

Source: Health Impact News

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