Sherri Tenpenny-COVID vaccines are “a perfectly engineered killing machine.”

Sherri Tenpenny is an Ohio osteopath who has written four books challenging the vaccination narrative.

“They are not asking people who have been diagnosed with this mutant strain, ‘Have you received one of the unapproved vaccines?’ No one is making the connection.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has worked out eight mechanisms of action of how the mRNA vaccine is going to kill people.

She says, “When you inject the mRNA, the messenger RNA starts encoding the spike protein… the NIH (National Institutes of Health) is now fighting with Moderna over patent rights, because you can’t patent anything that’s in nature, so they had to manipulate the spike protein, so they could patent it and then make an antibody against the spike protein.

Well, this antibody against the spike protein is deadly. It’s absolutely deadly. And in the first three papers that I reviewed, I found that one of the things that spike protein does is that it directly attacks lung tissue and breaks it down.

“The second thing it does is it inhibits your M2 macrophages, which are your anti-inflammatory macrophages, which causes a cytokine storm and you die.

“The third is that when that messenger RNA comes in and produces an antibody against the spike protein, it loosely binds it, brings it into a cell and causes permanent replication. So it’s like having an “On” button with no “Off” button. You’re constantly having this little piece of protein develop more spike proteins against you, creating more destruction.

“And then, with this article I read last night, of this spike-spike protein, it attacks astrocytes and oligodendrocytes, which are two different types of cells in the brain. Two different types of central nervous system [cells]. It attacks the inner membrane of the mitochondria, in two different mechanisms, and it attacks this neurofilament protein, which is the motor nerves, which all of a sudden-we’ve seen those people [with severe tremors], it’s because the spike protein antibody is affecting your motor neurons and your central nervous system.

“And then the main, number one symptom that people have after getting this vaccine is debilitating fatigue, that they can’t even function for most of their lives. Well, it’s because the spike protein antibody attacks the mitochondria and attacks GAD 65, which is the intracellular antigen inside your mitochondria and it can also attack your pancreas.

“If you’re diabetic, it will make your diabetes worse. If you’re not diabetic, it can cause you to have diabetes, stiff person syndrome, cerebellar ataxia, which is what you’re seeing [massive tremors]; people who can’t walk.

“In the experiment they did, they took different tissue antigens, like skin and lung and all these things and then they dropped the serum that had the antibody all over it. 27 out of 55 tissue types reacted adversely to the spike antibody.

“So you get this vaccine, you create this antibody, that’s why in the most recent VAERS report that came out this week, 181 deaths, they’ve already been reported and when you start reading them, you kind of expose what these antibodies do, you can see it, right in the VAERS report, what’s happened to these people is that the anti-spike antibody is what’s attacking them, and that’s why, that’s why the highest number of deaths occurred about 19 days after the injection, because it takes a while to develop the antibody response. It doesn’t happen just like that.

“Unless you have an anaphylactic reaction – probably to polyethylene glycol, unless you have an immediate reaction, the delayed reaction is going to start – it takes a while – I talked to a group of epidemiologists in Europe and they said it takes about 48 weeks to really see the deeper effects of autoimmune disease.

“When I found the first four mechanisms of action, I said to some friends of mine, ‘This is a perfectly designed killing machine.

“Perfectly designed, because – the other thing is with that replication thing, because with the vaccine, you’re going to see [COVID] mutants. So now, we’re all talking about mutants. The one thing they’re not asking these people, who have been diagnosed with this mutant strain, is, “Did you get one of the unapproved vaccines?” No one makes the connection.

“So, yes, 48 weeks – so it’s somewhere between 48 weeks, so it’s about a year and 6 to 7 months and a couple of years in the future.

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