Vaccinate chemotherapy patients

In Spain they are “vaccinating” cancer patients while giving them chemotherapy treatments. We see that the madness of the authorities to find people to convince, blackmail and force this injection has no limits.

And, as is well known, the inevitable side effect of chemotherapy is immunosuppression: that is, people who are totally weakened, fighting, they say, against a deadly disease, have to be given this injection of “covi” (a phantom disease which is somewhere between a cold and drug poisoning), and which has harmful effects which are generally uncalculated (but which are already devastating), and which the package insert itself says that for immunosuppressed people, nothing is known at all about its consequences or its “effectiveness”. How, then, can the health authorities decide to put this stuff in the arm of the poor chemotherapy patients?

There is only one answer: because the madness of the Regime’s (Money’s and State’s; which are the same thing) faith manufacturing machinery is working at 100%: they can do no more; it is an ordago against their enemy. They have all the forces put in this as in a war never seen before: the propaganda of the media, the big multinationals, the legislations, the civil servants: the universities, the professors, the courts, the public prosecutors, the health, the police and the armies, everything is dedicated to this.

The question is this: What is the enemy of all this “unanimous” force of Power? Where is the counterpart? Does the Regime fear this enemy so much that it has to turn all its forces against it? Well… it seems so.

To realize this may be what gives us aplomb and even joy in this war to which we are forced (we cannot choose, because the challenge that Money throws is that we do not live without its permission. But that… is not life).

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