As power tightens its grip to impose its dictatorship, its totalitarian and liberticidal system, it uses different propaganda campaigns to make the masses obey.

First they unleashed panic with the plandemia. Then they offered a false solution: inoculating experimental substances which they called vaccines. Then they blackmailed those who refused to take those injections designed by the pharmaceutical companies, which nobody knows what they contain and which, without providing any benefit whatsoever -except the economic one for them-, destroy in the short, medium and long term. Now we are in the culpabilization of those who no longer believe in the lies of power.

They want you to feel guilty for living a normal life. For going out in the street. For not admitting curfews. What sanitary measure is a curfew? For not wearing a rag in your mouth. They call the muzzle a mask, and it’s not that it’s useless: it’s that it’s harmful.

They have reached the delirium of considering guilty those who do not believe in their official versions. They invent insulting labels such as “deniers”, when the deniers are themselves, who are denying the reality of the data and the voices of the real experts, those who are not paid by the system itself.

They want you to feel guilty for breathing. They want others to consider you, and you yourself, a murderer for being free. They call you a murderer, the murderers.

None of the measures they are taking are of a sanitary nature. They are all aimed at establishing global slavery. To succeed, the powerful need you to feel guilty, to voluntarily chain yourself to their shackles, to lock yourself alone in the prison of fear, guilt and hatred they have prepared for you. It is up to you.

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