The pedosatanic and globalist elite that is piloting this false crisis does not give a stitch without thread, and, in a sibylline way, is laying the foundations so that no vaccinated person can benefit from the Natural Law in the future, since, as a Genetically Modified Organism, it becomes a “thing” and not a subject of law, with the aggravating factor that, since the vaccine is not legally obligatory, the renunciation of the condition of human being is done voluntarily, without detriment to free will. Let us take a closer look at how this aberration is taking place:

In 2013 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that human DNA, a product of nature, cannot be patented, as intended by the company Myriad Genetics Inc. But the ruling stated that the artificial modification of the genome (what the mRNA “vaccine” does) would mean that it CAN be registered and patented.

Any subject whose genome has been modified by the genetic transpheresis performed by the misnamed “Covid vaccine” legally becomes a “transhuman”, a hybrid patented by the pharmaceutical industry of which it becomes “property”. The consequences of this fact are extraordinarily serious: the subject whose nucleotide sequence has been artificially altered loses the condition of “natural human”, which means that the rights that he had in his previous condition are no longer applicable to him. In other words, whoever has received the “Covid vaccine” is no longer recognized as a human being. He becomes something similar to the “replicants” of “Blade Runner”, a tool of corporations that can use his organism as a test bench for new technological intrusions, to which there is no longer any room for opposition or protest (the “things” have neither the right nor the possibility to protest). Its physiological functions, its neuromotor functions, its subjectivity, … are assumed as a mere “operating system” that can be modified at the discretion of its new owners, who have developed CRISPR gene-editing technology for this purpose.

Of course, the genetic engineers who have been working on hacking the functions of the human organism present their “Frankenstein” project as a great opportunity to overcome diseases, improve the species and other philanthropic, ecological and beneficial goals. But in the face of so much altruism, what recent research allows us to suspect is that this technology opens the door to the totalitarian control of the human being. Consider patent WO2020060606, a cryptocurrency system that uses body activity data. The patent enables the creation of a device that tracks a human’s physical activity or reactions to certain tasks using a variety of sensors, and generates cryptocurrencies in response. The developer of the invention? I don’t think it would surprise anyone to reveal that it is the conniving Bill Gates.

Associating the activity of a human being with the mining process of a cryptocurrency system is only the first possibility opened up by the technology that makes it possible to monitor a person – I stress, not a “human being” in the sense the term had before the mRNA “vaccine”, but if anything a “post-human” – although it has become the most studied immediate application; the Netherlands Institute of Human Obsolescence (IoHO) is exploring ways to produce capital by converting the heat produced by the human organism into cryptocurrencies (“A single human body at rest radiates 100 watts of excess heat”).

We are on our way to being a mere fuel supply for the System. Matrix is getting closer and closer, and we are opening the door to it just by accepting the “vaccine”. A mistake that a conscious human should never fall into.



  1. I share your sentiment. There are consequences either way whether someone gets bio jabbed or resists. I prefer to resist. As you said, it’s imperative not to sign up to the mark of the beast system.


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