The Covid vaccination campaign is part of a transhumanist plan whose seams are becoming more and more visible: magnetism in the vaccinated, magnetization, … symptoms of the presence of heavy metals inoculated as nanoparticles activated by 5G that turn people into transmitters and receivers connected to the “Internet of Things” through artificial intelligence. The absolute control of the “human farm” announced by the delusional monster called Bill Gates, who has never hidden that it is all part of his ID2020 project to census all humanity.

Most of the mass upon which this illegal experiment is being conducted will reject this explanation, which exceeds their level of understanding in some cases and in others is too much of a challenge to their worldview, but calling it conspiracy or science fiction will not make the plan go away. As Ayn Rand wrote, “you can ignore reality, but not the consequences of ignoring reality.”

And the intended consequence of the interconnection of individuals is the emergence of a hive-mind directed by those who will thus have the key to modulate behavior, direct social rewards and punishments and, if necessary, provoke a mortal shock in whoever they decide is not productive, sufficiently sympathetic or is suspected of criticism or opposition to the system.

The dystopia underway goes beyond the most tyrannical regime humanity has ever known. Never before has technology allowed control of the thoughts and desires of individuals. The oppression remained external, soon, if we don’t do something, it will go to the very core of our subjectivity, of our soul, if you will.

I wish all this were just dystopian science fiction, but I fear it is science applied to subjugate us. And it also connects the numerous conspiracy plots that some of us have been warning about for a considerable time. Closing our eyes is not going to do us any good. Sharing information, boycotting 5G, supporting those who fight this plot instead of dividing us, as our enemies want, raising our consciousness and taking care of ourselves and those we care about is a lot. It is our unwaivable contribution to the victory of humanity, something we can not only believe in, but MUST BELIEVE in.


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