Energy transition’ has failed in Germany

The latest report of the German Court of Auditors confirms that the German model of “energy transition” so that all energy sources are of “renewable” origin, does not work and has a very high cost.

After the Fukushima accident, the Chancellor decided in 2011 to renounce nuclear power generation in Germany and then the capitalist “energy transition” plans have promoted alternative stations, especially solar and wind.

In 2000 “renewables” accounted for just 6 percent of Germany’s electricity supply; in 2019 their market share reached 43 percent.

The Court of Auditors blasts Angela Merkel’s energy policy, which wants neither nuclear power nor carbon-emitting conventional ones. There has been strong opposition to both energy sources in Germany since the 1970s.

The intermittency of solar and wind and an inadequate power grid has created instability in electricity supply. The risk of shortages is increasing and prices are out of control.

German households pay the most expensive kilowatt per hour in Europe, 30.9 cents. The German Court of Auditors sees rising energy prices for businesses as a threat to industry.

Otherwise, as might be expected, the reduction of CO2 emissions is nowhere to be seen.

Germany is starting to disengage from alternative energy sources and will soon be investing in hydrogen.

The term “energy transition” first appeared in 1980 in a report by the alternative research center Öko-Institut. Eleven years later, the German Parliament passed a law legalizing the payment of preferential tariffs for electricity generated from “renewable” energies, financed by a special tax on the price of electricity.

The passing of the Renewable Energy Act in 2000 guarantees producers of “clean” electricity a higher supply price than conventional electricity at a rate set by the government for a period of 20 years.

The cost of the “energy transition” to the German public coffers will be in the order of 8 billion euros this year, an absolutely crazy figure.

Author: Plumpkin McDougle

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