No victory, no defeat against the coronavirus: the pandemic will end in a draw.

Singapore has declared that “covid” will henceforth be treated in the same way as other endemic diseases, such as influenza. From now on, they will no longer strive for “zero transmission”. They are ruling out quarantine for travelers and there will be no need to isolate close contacts of “cases”. They also plan to stop announcing daily “case” numbers.

Nothing at all. We went from infinity to zero. No “fight”, no “defeat”. Humanity has begun to throw in the towel, like the boxers who were engaged in a useless fight, we do not know exactly whether against a virus or a disease. For such a journey there was no need for hydrogel saddlebags and confinement.

We will be left without knowing the “origin” of the virus. Experts of all kinds will receive succulent subsidies for useless research, but, like the priests, we have to live on something. We do not know the origin, neither of this virus, nor of any other, but we will know the end: there is no end. As we are not capable of exterminating the virus, we must live with it, make peace with it. Even the daily “accumulated incidence” reports on television will be over. Nothing at all. We are back to square one as if nothing has happened.

Three senior ministers in Singapore say that this is what the “new normal” is all about: stop reporting to “live with covid”, which is like living semi-sick or semi-sane. Or just plain stinking, like lepers.

“The bad news is that covid-19 may never go away. The good news is that it is possible to live normally with it among us,” write the ministers in a communiqué published as an editorial by a local newspaper (*).

Some minister or expert should now explain to us why they have maintained a state of war for a year, alarming the world population unnecessarily, if we could live with coronaviruses as well as we can live with cats.

In the communiqué the Singapore ministers say that “the virus will continue to mutate and therefore survive in our society”. When there is neither disease nor health the solution is perfect: vaccines and more vaccines every year, as in flu campaigns.

“Every year, many people get the flu. The vast majority recover without hospitalization and with little or no medication. But a minority, especially the elderly and people with comorbidities, can become seriously ill and some succumb,” say Singapore ministers. “We cannot eradicate it [the coronavirus], but we can turn the pandemic into something much less threatening, like influenza or chicken pox, and get on with our lives,” the ministers say in their statement.

Thus we arrive at the point of destination: the vaccines, which will be followed later by “booster” doses so that the wheel of business never stops turning.


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