#Covid: complaint filed against France at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity

I have just received the excellent news that CSAPE (Collective of European Trade Unions and Professional Associations) has filed a criminal complaint with the ICC on June 28 against President Emmanuel Macron, the government and senior officials involved in the criminal management of the Covid epidemic.

Here is the statement received today from its secretary general:

The CSAPE informs you that following the interpellation of March 02, 2021, by formal notification which remained unanswered, a complaint has just been filed against the French leaders at the International Criminal Court (ICC) with the request to open an investigation for crimes against humanity, offense to human dignity, servitude and genocide, under the number OTP-CR-271/21.

We make public the complaint and our inquiries worldwide and urge you to join CSAPE’s action by also filing a complaint before the situation becomes irreversible due to lack of effective resistance – (actions before French courts are doomed to failure for the reasons stated in the complaint).

It is about the future of humanity, including our children.

You can read the attached complaint.

After having discovered the information revealed, all factual, you will certainly be convinced of the need to act. In this case, CSAPE can help you in the process.

We must be aware that all good will must exert a pressure greater than that imposed by the current dictatorship. Gathering around a coercive action and participating in a team work transmitting this action are essential means to defeat a totalitarian and deleterious policy.

You can also join us by becoming a member of CSAPE by returning the membership form that you can download from the website http://www.csape.international and help us with a contribution and/or a donation for the work done by the initiators.

With our thanks,

Yours sincerely


Secretary General of CSAPE

CSAPE’s complaint file against France for crime against humanity : download the pdf.

The plaintiffs explain that they have decided to file a nominative complaint against:

  • For organizing a situation of considerable damage and crimes on the French population:

The President of the French Republic, Mr. Emmanuel MACRON;

The Prime Minister, Mr. Jean CASTEX, head of the government;

The whole of the current government representing the executive; The whole of the scientific committee led by Mr. Jean-François DELFRAISSY;

The Pasteur Institute in its President: Christian VIGOUROUX, section president at the Council of State and the members by right representing the Minister of Research, Budget, Health, the President of the National Center for Scientific Research, the Director General of the National Institute of Health and Medical Research, as well as Sanofi Pasteur.

  • For having actively participated in France:

The Minister of Health, Mrs. Agnès BUZYN;

The Director General of Health, Mr. Jérôme SALOMON;

The President of the National Assembly, Mr. Richard FERRAND;

The National Academy of Medicine, Dr. CHARPENTIER Bernard, 1st division, President

The Council of the Order of Physicians, Dr. Patrick BOUET;

The council of the order of nurses, Mr. Patrick CHAMBOREDON;

The council of the order of masseurs-physiotherapists, Mr. Pascale MATHIEU;

All the ARS (regional health agencies) whose names appear on the list;

All the school academies whose names appear on the list.

  • For having organized and actively participated at the international level:

Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO (Geneva, Switzerland);

Dr. Christian Drosten (Berlin, Germany);

Bill Gates (Seattle, Washington, USA);

The European Commission in its President Ursula von der Leyen (Brussels, Belgium);

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) through its Director Emer Cooke (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).


Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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