The evidence is incontestable: graphene acts as a frequency multiplier. This shuts the mouths of those who used to make calculations relating the length of graphene nanotubes (or flakes) and microwave frequencies using the speed of light at a fixed speed. The size of the graphene particles turns out to be (analyzing the contents of a Pfizer vial by the University of Almeria) 210 nm, much larger than we assumed in the article. If graphene converts ususal frequencies to frequencies on the order of terahertz, a thousand times larger than pulsed frequencies, getting the signal to travel at the speed of human thought is much more feasible.

f = v/λ

It is basic, for external signals to be read by the brain, that such signals be produced at the speed of thought or they cannot be read by the neurons. It is perfectly possible that what circulates at such a speed is the signal riding on the carrier wave. That is: the graphene nanoparticle must resonate with the signal carrier and serve as an antenna capable of converting the signal into relatively slow electrical pulses.

And the presence of graphene oxide in vaccines seems increasingly obvious: Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid and his team have detected graphene in a vial of Corminaty (Pfizer). And not in a minor quantity, but it constitutes 96% of the contents of the vial. They are not vaccinating us: THEY ARE GRAPHENING US.

Of course, the dogs of the system, the fake checkers have rushed to deny it. There has even appeared a note unsigned by anyone saying that the University of Almeria denies this or that. All lies. The report is official.

I have had access to the personnel of the Pharmaceutical Inspection of the General State Administration. They confirm to me that they have not made any kind of analysis of the contents of the vials. Nor are they going to do so. They redirected me to CIMA, which only has the drug’s data sheet and says nothing about its contents, except for the excipients. However, they are suspicious about the traceability of vials (the citizens, dammit, who are forced to do your work to avoid being poisoned to death!) and other civil service bullshit, they are taking it easy with the protocols, as if this were not urgent.

We must disseminate the work of La Quinta Columna (Dr. José Luis Sevillano and the biostatistician Ricardo Delgado). We have hardly any time left. During the month of July, 5G antennas will be activated all over the planet.

Félix Udivarri

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