Dr. Hoffe: “In 62% of those vaccinated there is evidence of clots”.

Dr. Hoffe talks about clots and thrombi in vaccinated people. He has used the D-Dimer test in his patients. Sixty-two percent of them suffer from these clots, which can be a very serious thing, because they will usually affect a lot of tissue that can no longer regenerate.

“When they inject the Covid vaccine into your arm, we now know that only 25% of that vaccine stays in the arm. And the other 75% is literally picked up by the lymphatic system, which gets it into the circulatory system.”


[For clots that are not detectable through CT scans or MRIs, but are really small] “The only way to know if this predictable clotting effect is happening is to do this blood test called the D-dimer test. It indicates nothing more than this: a recent clot. It does not indicate old clots, it indicates new clots in the blood. I am now doing this test with my patients, finding people who have had the vaccine in the previous 7 days (between 4 and 7 days before), and giving them this test called the D-Dimer. I still have to accumulate more information, but from what I have seen, in 62% of them there is evidence of clots. Which means that these clots are not rare. It means that most people have these blood clots and have no idea that they have them.

So, Laura, the most alarming thing about all of this: There are many parts of the body, like the heart, the brain, the spinal cord and the lungs, that cannot regenerate. When these tissues are damaged in their capillaries, they stay damaged forever.

So I now have 6 patients with what we call impaired tolerance for exertion, which means they run out of air much more easily than they used to. I have a man who used to come walking to my office every week for an arthritis injection, who tells me that he could do those 3 kilometers without any problem, but now at 400 meters he is totally out of breath, and this has been going on for 5 months. Based on this D-Dimer test that shows that most people are producing clots, these 6 people with decreased tolerance for exertion, what has literally happened to them is that thousands of capillaries in their lungs have become clogged.

The most terrible thing is not just that these people run out of air and can’t do what they used to do, but once you have a significant number of capillaries blocked in the lungs, the heart has to pump against much greater resistance to get the blood to the lungs. This is what causes the disease called pulmonary hypertension […] The terrible thing about this is that people with this disease usually die of heart failure in about 3 years. […] The worst is yet to come. There is a lot of tissue in the body that cannot regenerate […] Like now all these young people who have myocarditis after getting vaccinated: now they have permanent damage. However slight it is, they can’t do what they could do before, because the heart muscle doesn’t regenerate. So this is the terrible worry. […] With each successive puncture, the damage will increase and increase. It’s cumulative damage, because you will have more and more damaged capillaries.”


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