Finally comes to public light what the mainstream media had denied and labeled as a hoax, fallacy, disinformation, conspiracy, etc.: graphene dioxide in vaccines.

The patent is CN11222020919A ( and was registered specifically for Covid vaccines, guess by whom? China!:

“The invention belongs to the field of nanomaterials and biomedicine, and relates to a vaccine, in particular to the development of recombinant nuclear nanovaccine of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus. The invention also comprises a method of preparing the vaccine and applying the vaccine in animal experiments. The novel corona vaccine contains graphene oxide, carnosine, CpG and novel RBD corona virus; linking carnosine, CpG and RBD neocoronavirus on the graphene oxide backbone; the coding sequence of CpG is shown as SEQ ID NO 1; novel coronavirus RBD refers to a novel receptor-binding region of the coronavirus protein that can generate a specific high-titer antibody targeting RBD in the mouse body, and provides strong support for the prevention and treatment of novel coronavirus.”

How many times did you call us crazy and try to ridicule us by saying that these were conspiracy theories?

Do you realize that it is THEY who are conspiring against humanity, they blatantly lie to you and you continue to believe them!

You can do your own research and verify it.

Do you see how serious this is?

How many times they denied it, how many doctors lent themselves to cover it up, WHO itself lied!

Do you understand that what is happening is serious and planned by the powerful pharmaceutical companies with the support of the media, governments and technological giants?

It is a proven fact that the experimental poison contains graphene.

Graphene causes sterility by decreasing the quality of sperm.

You wanted proof, here it is!

Next step is that they will say it is totally safe, something radically untrue, but they will never apologize for lying, they will pretend to be crazy.

Please wake up and spread the word, this is serious indeed!


I know everybody and their mother says “oh i really appreciate you and your donations, but specially YOUR DONATIONS I WANT MONEY HEHEHEH LOL” but i REALLy mean it, more money being pumped in here will make me, because i know myself enough to know that i will to put more effort it, which of course means, more articles daily:

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