Indeed, 33 million people have been seriously affected by the adverse effects of the so-called vaccines against the so-called SARS-CoV-2. A virus that has never been isolated, purified or cultivated. Exactly as happened with its predecessor, SARS-CoV-1. Both are supposed viruses, chimera viruses that are not transmitted by the respiratory route, as the autopsies of the deceased have shown: they have thrombi that affect the entire vascular system, from the brain to the intestine, passing through the lungs, the heart, the liver and the kidneys. In other words: they present a clinical picture of generalized sepsis, of poisoning with a toxic substance. The poison has already been identified: it is graphene oxide.

The numbers are increasing exponentially: 110 million people are expected to be seriously affected by the end of 2021. And 330 million by mid-2022.

Covid disease certainly exists. In fact, it has already caused 33 million people to be affected by side effects: generalized thrombosis, heart attacks, blood clots, cerebral embolisms, pulmonary edema, etc… Among them, 11 million deaths that both the World Health Organization and governments around the world are trying to hide so as not to hinder the achievement of their true objective: the generalized inoculation of graphene and small doses of mRNA to the entire world population.

The mRNA is intended to make those inoculated no longer fully human and therefore patentable like Dolly the sheep. As they have been inoculated voluntarily (which most of the “vaccinated” do not know), they are transhuman by choice and are no longer protected by universal Human Rights. Hence, some countries such as Chile are approving neuro-rights charters. These are the new rights of transhumans.

Those inoculated cannot hide it: the vaccine manifests itself as if it were an RFID and presents a luminescent signal visible at certain frequencies. This signal comes from the Luciferase present in the vials.

Although the new transhumans do not have the obligations of other humans either, they will be controlled by neuromodulators at 33 GHz frequencies, making it impossible for them to rebel as slaves. The vaccinated are the new zombies that so many Jewywood movies have anticipated.

May God take them in their confidence. Let us empathize with them as long as they do not attack us. Which they will do as soon as they receive the order from the superior men who possess the knowledge of the truth, the men who consider themselves enlightened.

Felix Udivarri

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