Just in case you thought there was a little bit of humanity in the Covid protocols, here you go: “Parents should stay away from their children”,
here you go: “Parents should stay away from their children.” Take that!
In case of need, Carmen Calvo will come to wish happy dreams to the little ones (and let them
the little ones (and leave them with nightmares all night long).

The criminal protocol established by the health “authorities” gives as one of its star results the inhibition that many people experience in shaking hands or kissing a close person. The inhibiting motive is the presumption that they may be infected by the chimerical virus. Without realizing it, invisible walls have been inoculated with the firm purpose of putting an end to caresses, gestures of affection and affability, effusive greetings with hugs included; everything to achieve that the “neighbor” is now “distant”.

THINK: they have destroyed your life and that of your fellow men, they have sown your feelings with mistrust, they have shaped you from the inside. THEY HAVE CONTAMINATED YOU WITH THE WORST POSSIBLE VIRUS: FEAR OF OTHERS.

You no longer live in a friendly and close village. Now you live in a gloomy house in the company of a few relatives, with bars that prevent you from being you and with a rag in your mouth.

You were born free and, you see, they have made you a slave to your nightmares.

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