We don’t need to go to your bars and restaurants, we will create leisure spaces for us, free of fear and poison, where people enter without muzzles and touch each other, where it is forbidden to use hydrogels, and all that toxic paraphernalia that you like so much.

We don’t need to go to your shitty shows, shove your “safe culture” and all that ridiculousness up your ass, we will go to our shows, of brave artists, where the audience will be standing, dancing, hugging and doing whatever they want.

We don’t need your “modern medicine”, which is the third leading cause of death in the world, we already have our healing professionals, who have stepped forward and disassociated themselves from all that iatrogenic madness that has caused so much pain and suffering.

We do not need your pharmaceutical industry, directly co-responsible for all the health scams perpetrated, and inducer of a multitude of pathologies and intoxications. We know how to take care of the soil and alkalinize our blood in order not to get sick, and we have natural alternatives and a certain “forbidden” yellow liquid for emergency cases.

We do not need your “education centers”, converted into concentration camps for children, we will create new ones, so that you will never again torture our children, nor can you indoctrinate them with your “gender ideologies” and other aberrations, fruit of the perversion and obscurantism that characterizes you.

We do not need your shitty jobs, we will create our own businesses, and our own companies to generate wealth among us, where “inoculated” people will not be hired, simply because the “zombies” will not be able to provide the necessary performance for a serious project to prosper.

We do not need your corrupt politics, your sold-out justice, your treacherous media, nor your usurious financial structure, soon we will be able to create a new one where you cannot sink your filthy hooves, that putrid and old system that you defend so much is falling apart, and our new paradigm advances every day that passes, firm, hopeful and unstoppable, we are getting stronger and stronger, and nothing can stop us, it is only a matter of time. You are no longer important, you are no longer necessary, the future is ours!

Happy week to all the disobedient, breathers, creators of reality, energy and Rock and roll, head high, and face uncovered always!!!

Mártin Sánchez

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