80 percent of deaths attributed to ‘covid’ in Scotland are of vaccinated people and increase the risk of death from “covid” by 566%.

In the month of August, 80 percent of the people who have died “from covid” in Scotland had been vaccinated, according to official data from Public Health Scotland (PHS). The coronavirus vaccination program is therefore a failure. The vaccines do not prevent the circulation of the virus, which is something that was already admitted, and increase the risk of hospitalization and death, instead of reducing it.

Like the other public agencies, the PHS presents the figures in such a way that the matter is conveniently covered up. Instead of taking stock on a week-by-week basis, they include deaths through December 29 last year. According to these data, there were 3,102 deaths in the unvaccinated population, 279 deaths in the partially vaccinated population, and 298 deaths in the fully vaccinated population. It appears, therefore, that most of the deaths “by covid” occur in the unvaccinated population. Consequently, vaccines prevent hospitalizations and covid deaths, as expected.

However, these data include the peak of the so-called “second wave,” when only 9 percent of the population had received a dose and only 0.1 percent of the total population was fully vaccinated. It follows that most of the dead and hospitalized were not vaccinated.

But the analysis has to be much more refined, using the most recent reports in which most of the population is already vaccinated. It follows that between 5 and 26 August this year, the number of deaths attributed to “covid” was as follows:

unvaccinated population: 25 deaths
partially vaccinated population: 6 deaths
fully vaccinated population: 92 deaths
This means that in August this year the unvaccinated population accounted for only 20 percent of the deaths attributed to “covid”, while the fully vaccinated population accounted for 75 percent.

Between August 19 and 26 of this year, the number of deaths attributed to “covid” was distributed as follows:

unvaccinated population: 6 deaths
partially vaccinated population: 2 deaths
fully vaccinated population: 34 deaths
The percentages are therefore even higher: 86 percent of deaths “due to covid” correspond to persons vaccinated against “covid”.

The conclusion is that, instead of reducing the risk of death “by covid”, vaccines increase it by 566 percent.


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