Testimonies of those affected by the vaccines – Part III

Alicia https://m.twitch.tv/grsist3m, [30.07.21 08:58].
Hello everyone
My name is Alicia, I am 33 years old and I was vaccinated with AstraZeneca on February 22.
At the beginning I had a normal reaction in the first 48 hours but on March 15 I started to have a feeling of heavy legs, as if I had stiffness. That was more and more and in my left leg I was getting a kind of cold which scared me because I thought it was from the circulation.
Thinking that it could be a bad gesture I was a week based on enantyum to see if it relieved the symptoms, but that was more. My legs were aching, prickling, tingling and I went to the doctor in desperation.
There his first diagnosis was tired legs.
He sent me venoruton and if in two days I did not improve my symptoms he made me a paper for a blood test to see if I had any affections in my muscles.
I was taking the sachets for 10 days in the hope that it would do something, but it did not. I began to have internal tremors, tremors that when I was at rest gave me the feeling that I was convulsing but my environment said that they were not noticeable externally.
My heart felt faster and stronger when I was relaxed.
I had a blood test and on April 9 I decided to go to the emergency room scared, but my surprise was that they put me in the covid room and that if I could stand it I should go home.
In fact I went home, three days later I had the results of the analysis and everything was fine. The doctor told me to go to a vascular surgeon.
I called AstraZeneca and they told me that it was not a thrombus but that it could be the coagulation, that I should go to the emergency room and I obviously did not want to get into covid because I did not have covid.
I asked the same doctor for a blood test to evaluate the coagulation and it was fine.
A few days later the vascular surgeon visited me and did an echo to see my circulation and it was also correct, there was no thrombus.
It crosses my mind that my solution is the neurologist but the vascular surgeon tells me no, that an internist who are the ones who carry the issue of vaccines and adverse effects.
In this month of July I receive my visit and he tells me that it seems to be persistent post-vaccine covid.
We requested an antibody analysis to see if it had been asymptomatic and see the defenses that had. My surprise … I have no defenses the value is 15’8 and are counted valid from 30 .
It ratifies that I have not passed the covid.
I am recommended pressotherapy, a probiotic called xebevir and a blood test to see the values after 3 months.
I am also quoted in the report that they do not recommend AstraZeneca but to put me pfizer or modern. Obviously I have that option totally discarded.
4 months with effects and we continue.
The tremors are sporadic and the heart has subsided. The legs there go , I help me a physio that I pay for my account that makes me discharge massages to move the circulation and lymphatic fluid I think it was .
This is my case.
I have had a struggle to be recognized that it has been the vaccine .
I put up with people daily who insist that I have to get another dose .
They look at me funny and I may be out of a job for not having the full regimen.
I got the vaccine because we were told at work that it was voluntary but if we didn’t get it we had to notify them because they would open an incident report.
I didn’t want to be out of work.

Hathor Neus, [30.07.21 09:42].
My friend’s grandmother vaccinated months ago… suddenly got sick with blood poisoning septicemia…. Now she is in hospital waiting to die nothing for her all organs affected….

Another one from my ex work with the second dose of PFIZER a stroke admitted to ICU …she has become speechless and memory loss and totally disoriented … they were told she was older and that these things happen. With that age … and that’s how things have stayed….

Monica, [30.07.21 10:13].
My neighbor 7 days after the first dose of pfizer, her period was exaggeratedly abundant, a week of bleeding, she felt like she was dying, she says, they had to transfuse her blood and now she is better but she does not want to take the second dose.

Paul, [30.07.21 10:26].
Hello everyone. I have never been one for conspiracies and in fact I took the first dose of Pfizer two weeks ago, but 8 days ago, my neighbor Maribel (same age as me, no previous illness, plays paddle tennis) took the second dose of Pfizer: after 3 days she started to tremble and had difficulty speaking. She was admitted the next day because it was difficult for her to walk. After many tests yesterday the neurologists confirmed that she has kuru. They say it is the first case they have seen without encephalophagia and that it is very rare. We have asked him several times and he says he hasn’t eaten anything strange lately and hasn’t been anywhere special. It seems very strange to me that right after the vaccination he would have this and the doctors can’t explain it either. I don’t know if it is already described that it can appear, but I am sure that I will not get the second dose now….

Maria Clei, [30.07.21 11:53 am].
I am a 34 year old girl. My mother, 62 years old, vaccinated with the second dose of fzicer, has been walking down the street for a month and she says she feels like she’s walking back and forth, back and forth. I am scared… I don’t want anything else to happen to my mother? I told her not to get vaccinated and because of social pressure and because it is “the right thing to do” in the eyes of society, she got vaccinated. The other day she told me: “I don’t know what shit they have put in us” I am with my heart in a fist, she lives alone.

M S, [30.07.21 12:00]
Good morning, I am very glad to have a space to share our experiences in this so… “peculiar” moment.
The case I have witnessed is not as serious as those I have read about, at least in principle (we’ll see how it evolves).
A colleague at work took the first dose, under pressure from the workplace. We live in a coastal area and we are used to do water sports, especially snorkeling.
Since a week later, we have noticed (I think there is something affected at the respiratory level / on the exhalation is where it becomes evident) that his diving goggles fog up more than noticeably, more frequently. We have tried interchanging them, anti-fogging liquids, and various tricks that he didn’t need before and there is no way.
I suppose it is something less serious than other cases but it can be a symptom that can derive into something more serious (especially if he completes the vaccination schedule).
If it has happened to more people it could be a dangerous pattern (I don’t know what it could imply on a physical level).

Isabel, [30.07.21 12:24].
Partner of my husband 49 vaccinated with faiser, admitted to hospital, was for effects of the vaccine and they did PCR,which was positive, he is now intubated, he has been told he has the Covic, but in reality they are effects of the kacuna.
Now we know that all those admitted for adverse effects of vaccines to be infected with cobi, I hope this colleague is saved, although I doubt it.

Gi, [30.07.21 12:35]
Hello, yesterday I spoke with a very close friend of mine, she is 40 years old, vaccinated with double dose of astrazeneca, a week after the second dose, she started to feel bad, with difficulty breathing, fever, very tired, diarrhea, when she went to the hospital she was diagnosed with covid, she was not admitted but she was very bad for several days. now she feels a little better, but she gets tired quickly, it is difficult to breathe, and they also detected thrombi. she does not associate it with the vaccine, she thinks that the vaccine saved her from dying.

Cristina, [30.07.21 12:45].
Mother of a friend, vaccinated with the 2 doses of astrazeneca, on Wednesday she starts to feel bad, with a cold, with mucus. Yesterday she tested positive. My friend is also positive and she got the first one on Tuesday, and she went to get vaccinated with symptoms… ???????

nic, [30.07.21 13:02]
As I posted above, my mother 56 years old modern vaccinated, the first at 10 days or so red spot on the. Arm that burned and bruise and the second dose spent two days with very cold but no fever, now she is getting a lot of varicose veins in the legs and some super fatty

Isabel, [30.07.21 13:38]
[In reply to nic]
The same thing has happened to a friend of my daughter’s who is 28 years old, she is a teacher and she got vaccinated a few months ago, she has had varicose veins all over her legs and they don’t give her an explanation.

™, [30.07.21 14:15]
Yesterday I talked to two friends who have been vaccinated. One is a policeman and was almost obliged to get Astrazeneca. She tells me that since the second dose she has had super low defenses and continuously with colds and bad body. If she could go back, she would not get vaccinated. The other friend has had Pfizer. Since the second vaccine she has been having severe headaches for more than a week.

Yiyi, [30.07.21 15:48].
Hello everyone my sister is still in hospital waiting for a catheterization that was supposed to be done this afternoon but the doctor said that in the end it will be done on Monday because she has a lot of emergencies in the cardiovascular area.

Nur, [30.07.21 16:13]
27 years old, Tarragona , on July 7 first dose with Pfizer.
A week and a bit with tachycardia, when at rest or lying down included.
Difficulty breathing standing up, I needed to shrink to breathe to the bottom.
Left lateral pain.
One night I go to sleep with my tachycardias, my fingertips tingle…I don’t give it importance and I start to feel how first the wrist and then the arm loses strength, then both arms.
As I give my information to the hospital doorman, I feel a loss of strength in the left side of my face starting at the neck.
My feet get cold and a tingling sensation goes up both legs, they put me in a wheelchair and take me to a stretcher.
Blood tests ok, one minute cardiogram ok.
They tell me it’s anxiety and put me on intravenous notorius.
The tachycardia decreases in frequency and a pain in my side, left side.
The doctor tells me that it is myalgia and that it also happened to him with the second dose.
He gives me paracetamol and flogoprofen, the latter relieves the pain better because of the coolness it brings to the skin.
The pain is concentrated in the armpits and lower parts of the ribs, it hurts inside when I sit down now, as if something was inflamed inside.
I go back to the doctor and he tells me it is probably my stomach, I am waiting for a fibrogastroscopy next Monday.
The pain in the side does not go away and sometimes appears in the back, central area of the stomach painful to the touch as well as under the ribs.
In the report, where the description of what is happening to me appears, they add “she has the first dose of Pfizer” this appears twice in the same report, in the history and in the disease.
I am still the same and awaiting tests.
Every day it hurts more.
Now I also have a super cold that by the sound can get worse.
From one day to the next I started to have that cough and yellow phlegm.
Today I will go to the doctor again, to see if it is something serious.
I will update you on Monday! with what the stomach specialists have told me and what they tell me today.

M., [30.07.21 16:29]
A 54 year old co-worker at work had Pfizer put in a few months ago. Since then she got a lot of bruises on her legs and arms and they haven’t gone away. She says that before she was vaccinated she had never had this happen to her.

NESA Barcelona, [30.07.21 16:39]
My niece’s boyfriend vaccinated last Thursday by Jassen,today is in the hospital stomach pain and notice tingling in his private parts,they do rapid antigen test negative,we are waiting for what happens the boy is 20 years old.

Sis Ter, [30.07.21 16:53].
My son is two years old and the pediatrician recommended the flu (two doses for the first time), one dose in November and the other in December 2019…on Epiphany he was admitted to the maternity ward due to bilateral pneumonia and became very very ill.

Seven, [30.07.21 16:58]
Hello everyone… A friend of mine just told me that her 52 year old mother got vaccinated to be able to travel to her country (Dominican Republic) in August and that she is feeling very bad after the jab. My friend rushed home from work to accompany her to the emergency room to make an appointment with her family doctor and they set an appointment for August 19. Telling her to take ibuprofen. I find it all extremely unfair and inhumane. Like guinea pigs!

Mariana, [30.07.21 17:14].
Partner of a friend, I do not know the vaccine, operated on head tumor some time ago, 1 dose, fatal and several days hospitalized, 2 doses the same, gCen tests and see the tumor that had operated some time ago had increased in size. She says she thinks it is from the vaccine but the doctors are as quiet as p…., at this moment they are the worst.

Aby Arana, [30.07.21 18:09] Hello.
Hi. My dad got vaccinated a few months ago, with the Russian vaccine, both doses already…. And he has had purple fingernails for a week now. He is diabetic. And I would like to know if it is an effect of the vaccine, and if you know of any similar case?

Elisa, [30.07.21 18:13].
Hello again. A few days ago I reported my boyfriend’s facial shingles after vaccination with Janssen. Two days ago he started with cough, fever and muscle pain. This morning he started bleeding from nose and mouth. He just came from the ER where he presented with all these symptoms. He was sent home with Paracetamol. He has not been tested. They haven’t looked at him.

Rene Santos, [30.07.21 18:37].
Male 72 years old. 2 doses of Pfizer. One month after the second dose, joint pain throughout the body. Sciatica and pain in the arms that become weak. He had never referred these pains before. Days of not being able to get up. 5 times in the emergency room. MRI and doctor’s diagnosis: tendinitis. He is going along with painkillers prescribed by the emergency room visits. You ask if it could be the vaccine and you get silence for an answer.

leo Zambrano, [30.07.21 18:43].
Coworker… 35 years old. He got the two doses of pfizer and after a month… cardiac arrhythmia… possible thrombus in the heart artery… he is in surgery for catheterization….

Susi, [30.07.21 19:08].
I am a 53 year old woman. After the first Pfizer vaccine, involuntary urine leakage and activation of the labial area where I usually get shingles. After the second dose, fever, unbearable muscular and joint pain (taking tramadol, Enantyum and paracetamol), important inflammation of the armpit of the arm of the inoculation, pain and sensitivity in all the teeth of the right upper maxilla and right jaw, a lot of fatigue, and the worst, myoclonus at rest, that is, involuntary movements in all parts of the body, especially extremities. It has been almost 2 months since the inoculation and these involuntary movements have not disappeared. I don’t know if they will stay forever. I am very worried.

Ilde Fal Jim, [30.07.21 19:26].
Good afternoon, my brother in law’s brother in law’s mother in law 90 years old as an oak, with her ailments, 3 months ago she kakuno, full pattern. Yesterday she died.

Diego, [30.07.21 19:29]
-classmate (university) of my sister-in-law, blind in one eye.
-neighbor of my town, two doses of Pfizer, about 75 years old, healthy as an oak, no previous pathologies, the other day at 3 am I had to take him down to the ER because he couldn’t pee. He is stunned.
-My in-laws, both on two doses of Pfizer, both have discomfort, headaches and pains not previously known to them.
My in-laws’ friend, with the modern one, collapsed from the one that went into his body.

Jose, [30.07.21 20:57]
I just got a call,my great uncle just had a heart attack and passed away,2 months after the jab.My family all convinced that it has nothing to do with it,that it was a coincidence,and that the government is looking out for us.

Baba, [30.07.21 21:06].
Partner of approx. 40 years old.He got vaccinated. Today he has paralysis in half of his face. He doesn’t relate it to the vaccine. He says it is stress

I?V?A?N?, [30.07.21 21:42]
My 27 year old brother at the time of the vaccine was fine but on the third day he could not get out of bed, we called 112 and an ambulance came for him and now he is hospitalized with pneumonia, I don’t know if he will survive….

Gi, [30.07.21 22:16].
Mother’s friend, about 60 years old, vaccinated with double dose, a few days later positive in Covid. Admitted to ICU. Died today

Alex, [30.07.21 22:43]
My mother-in-law 50 years old, Jensen, presents with headache, abdominal pain, which she associates it with a medication, and a lot of pain in one leg…. I am concerned. Thank you, what can I do?

The Dutchman, [30.07.21 22:50].
A friend of mine posted on her Facebook page all happy that she was finally vaccinated, she was with her grandmother who did not want to get vaccinated and the granddaughter convinced her and the grandmother did not want to and in the end she got vaccinated .and then she took a picture with the second vaccine and put finally vaccinated ?? and a week later the grandmother had died .I see many coincidences .people tell me that I am an exaggerator that she would already be sick etc ….

Alexis from Gaia, [30.07.21 11:07 PM].
My grandmother with 83 years, 4 months ago she receives the two doses, she does not mark it. Since then she never called me on the phone again, I recommended that neither she nor my grandfather should take it. Diabetes and arthrosis as previous pathologies from years ago, but now, even with all her things, she was very well. After a month, she loses consciousness and one side of her body is paralyzed. He recovers from this. Two weeks ago he began to suffer dizziness and last week he collapsed again and died from clots in the brain. He was taking synthrom which is an anticoagulant. No one in my family questions that it was because of the vaccine. That same day 2 more of my grandmother’s neighbors died in Mi Pueblo, their houses made a triangle within 50-60 meters of each other. The son of one of them was saying in the morgue that it was 2 months ago that his father had the complete pattern and since then he has been in decline….

Samy Lux Scorpio, [31.07.21 08:19].
My grandmother was vaccinated with the last dose in March, I don’t remember which vaccine they gave her but it was two. I watched as the weeks went by as she became more tired and started to lose her appetite, she was also more depressed. The last week of May came, she made an appointment with the doctor, she seemed to have more cough than usual (she had been coughing since last year due to reflux, no one suspected what was happening to her at that time) and the doctor did not listen to her, she made an appointment for a blood test. Taking her to the analysis was an odyssey, I had never seen her stop so much to rest because she was so fatigued to run a few meters that it seemed that she had run a marathon. She arrived on the last Saturday of May and my parents took her to the emergency room because she was in respiratory distress. She had 80% saturation if I remember and a negative pcr test, which they repeated two days later. She was admitted in isolation because they saw pathology that was compatible with covid. According to the doctors, she had bilateral pneumonia and her lungs had wounds. She was placed on her stomach to facilitate breathing. She refused days later because she felt sick. After three days she was transferred to another ward after refusing covid diagnosis and being told that it was bacterial pneumonia. Two days before her death, she was given an iron bag due to severe anemia detected in the previous week’s blood test. He died on Saturday, never recovered his oxygen saturation, and as the day of death approached, it continued to drop even lower. He died on June 5, at the age of 89, never suffered from lung disease and only had altered blood sugar and hypertension, apart from having, for some years, a little heart failure. She never needed help, she lived an autonomous life until she was admitted.

Elena, [31.07.21 08:20].
My uncle with cancer for 8 years, he was stable… he passed away 2 months after the inoculation on July 24, 2021. D.e.p. No one in my family thinks anything about the inoculation.

Hathor Neus, [31.07.21 08:35].
A friend of 30 years old vaccinated of the 2 PFIZER with the 1 dose bad to be only 2 doses before yesterday and yesterday of urgencies because she thought she will die . They tell her that it is an adverse reaction but not to worry and go home.

Sergio Ramos, [31.07.21 10:26].
My mother 56 was vaccinated a month ago with pfizer, since then with fatigue and tonight thrombus in the leg, and you tell the emergency room and says it’s normal …!

Hari, [31.07.21 10:45].
A friend of my uncle’s (under 55), had his first dose of pfizer a month and a bit ago since then racing pulses he puts it down to stress although it has never happened to him before. He is looking forward to the second dose…

John, [31.07.21 12:33].
My mother-in-law vaccinated with Jansen, she already had dizziness before, what has changed is that it seems that now it is more frequent, of course it is not related to the vaccine every time she gets dizzy spells at the health center with the serums on.

Jose, [31.07.21 15:53]
An aunt of my wife in Italy 48 years healthy, without any problem,is vaccinated with Pfizer, first dose a month later suffers pericarditis, (inflammation around the heart)is a week admitted to hospital, discharged with medication. Even so she gets the second dose, a week after the inoculation she is again admitted to the hospital, right now she is at home with medication.

Carmen Ramiro, [31.07.21 15:54]
someone who has had the modern
I feel very tired, I feel very tired, I feel very tired and I have no strength.

Lokito, [31.07.21 16:25]
My grandmother doesn’t get vaccinated in 2019 because she forgets. All her day center companions get it and during 2020 and 2021 all 9 of them die, all from COVID. Although 2 of them had previous pathologies. Ages between 70 – 85.

Carlos Cordobés Delgado, [31.07.21 16:41].
I want to give my testimony about an experience I had with flu vaccination. About ten years ago, my mother had to go into a nursing home. I took her to a doctor who recommended some tablets for the most virulent times of the flu (September and March), which we did. I refused to have her vaccinated for the three years she was in the nursing home. Well, what was my surprise, when after those years, the nurse who was in charge of the treatments called me and told me that in all that time, out of 42 people who attended the residence, only my mother did not get vaccinated… and she was the only one of them who did not catch a single cold. The other 41 always got sick. A big hug to everyone… lots of strength.

Enric Hernandez, [31.07.21 17:26].
Friend of a co-worker, 3 days after the 2nd dose she suffers from metrorrhagia (uterine bleeding without menstrual relation), which already lasts 13 days, with large clots.

Leo Hill, [31.07.21 17:53]
My second testimonial in this chat. Co-worker, vaccinated a week ago with Pfizer, last night heart attack, is under observation. No previous illnesses.

Mari Jose, [31.07.21 17:55].
Hi. Familiar. Full dose. Pfizer. Joint pain and forgetfulness. Formerly in good health. 59 years old.

Ana W, [31.07.21 18:05].
Ana 43 years old Argentina 1 dose of aztrazeneca 26/6 without previous pathology, tachycardia and shortness of breath since vaccination and persists currently in medical studies cardiologist and pneumonologist.

Barber Blessed, [31.07.21 18:39].
My brother in law’s father a dose of pfizer about 46 years, 15 days ago that he was vaccinated and have already given him two facial paralysis , in the emergency room of the health center they sent him Ibuprofen and that if he did not improve he should go up to the hospital, the doctors did not want to approach even him because they said he had the covid

Sandra, [31.07.21 19:28].
My husband 44 years old, full guideline with Astrazeneca. Shortly after the 2nd dose, he got shingles all over his face and they don’t see it as a side effect of the vaccine.

Hesther De La Paz, [31.07.21 19:44].
I have a 53 year old patient with a degenerative disease, she received the first dose of Astrazeneca by indication of an oncologist and she has developed transverse myelitis with sphincter control and cerebral affectation, proposed treatment Gabapentin, and it has been recognized as a side effect

David, [31.07.21 21:39]
A friend of 35 years old, vaccinated last week with Pfizer.
He had a fever of 38.5°C for 5 days, taking paracetamol 1 gram every 8h and without fever reduction. Today he returned to the emergency room and antigens+PCR positive. Chest x-ray without pneumonia. I am surprised how many people take Covid after vaccination and nobody suspects.
He also informed me that the clinical hospital in Valladolid is full of elderly people with the complete vaccination regimen with pneumonia (he thanks the vaccine, that thanks to it they have not died and be like at the beginning of the pandemic, well…).

Silvia GJP-21-0289, [31.07.21 21:58].
A friend of mine just told me that a week ago, her mother-in-law was vaccinated, after the vaccination she felt sick, she had a fever, headaches, dizziness, and yesterday on the porch of her house she had a heart attack. She was over 60 years old.

August 1 to 4

Carolina, [01.08.21 06:58 am].
Hello I am from Chile,
I observed my daughter’s friend, 20 years old, vaccinated with pfizer, she manifested intestinal disease, her family does not question that it was the vaccine, they attribute it to a hereditary problem that her father has, but her father manifested this disease when he was 55 years old.

My husband’s uncle, 72 years old with chronic diseases plus gout, after being vaccinated with pfizer has heart difficulties, no one questions if it is due to the vaccine.

Cousin is vaccinated with sinovac, 42 years old, her blood sugar went up to 390 since the first dose, she took the second dose because she thinks it is due to stress, now gradually stabilizing.

MariaE, [01.08.21 07:04 am].
Good morning, my mother 70 years old took the second dose of pfizer on May 28 and for two weeks her legs have been hurting and she is very tired and can’t walk. She goes to the emergency room and they send her Tramadol Paracetamol. I am very worried.

Mari Jose, [01.08.21 09:04].
I in October 2019 get a flu shot. For work. I think that time was again shingles eye. And March 2020 a very bad bronchitis. Since then I have had a lot of shingles

Mónica Borrás, [01.08.21 11:14].
Family member 81 years old, in perfect health, dynamic and with a great desire to live.
? 1 month and a half after complete vaccination.
? history of cardiac disease, with 2 stents implanted.

He wakes up with “pain in the belly”, vomiting and urgency to defecate.
He goes to the hospital, is treated for renal colic and is discharged.
After several hours at home and seeing that it does not subside, he is taken back to the hospital, admitted (unaccompanied). The last thing he sends us by message is that he has been administered morphine.

The relatives are sent home, because “he is sleeping”.
Two hours later they call from the hospital saying that he has died.

Death certificate:
multi-organ failure

We imagine that maybe it was not a nephritic colic, but a mesenteric infarction.

The family is not going to file a claim, but in case it is helpful I am sharing it here.
Thanks to all of you.

Jaxxor, [01.08.21 11:18].
Good morning, 34 year old friend vaccinated with Pfizer on Wed 07/21/2021 . Yesterday 30/07/2021 he was admitted with bilateral pneumonia. He added that he (vaccinated) infected his partner and his partner who is not vaccinated is going through it like a flu and is already recovering, in just a few days and without doing anything special … that is the reality of this trap.

Emma Diaz, [01.08.21 11:50].
My mother. 89 years old. Previous pathologies: medicated for high blood pressure and diet for poor kidney filtration.
Vaccinated annually for seasonal flu. Vaccinated in March with Pfizer full course.
In July her legs buckled. Spent one night in the ER. Diagnosed with Rhabdomyolysis: in layman’s terms the muscles are dehydrated and this poisons the blood making the kidneys unable to filter as much. Medical guideline: drink a lot of water (by instinct she was doing it a few weeks before). Feeling tired is gradually recovering.

Laura, [01.08.21 12:17].
My partner 35 years old is vaccinated with Pfizer on day 20 on day 31 starts with diarrhea and at night fever, there he is in bed does not want to go to the doctor because he does not want to give me the reason that it is from the vaccine, he has some cough too

Alma, [01.08.21 12:17].
My 70 year old uncle with a pacemaker for a long time, very healthy, took the vaccines and a month after the second dose, he died with a stroke.

A co-worker, with both vaccines also, tested positive in an antigen test, has been off work for a week, has returned with a negative test but feels tired and fatigued, he says he does not understand, he is scared.

Alexandra The Best, [01.08.21 12:39], [01.08.21 12:39].
I have a friend who had a heart attack after the vaccine and had to have a stent put in his artery. Then I have another friend who has cerebral thrombi and paralysis in his left eye and they say it’s because of the diabetes not because of the vaccine. I have another friend who had the COVID before being vaccinated and he didn’t even notice it and after the second dose he got it and he is very ill. I am very afraid that they will force us to get vaccinated because I don’t want to get these vaccines. What’s more, vaccinated people are carriers of the virus and infect more than unvaccinated people, I don’t know if I am making myself clear. These vaccines cause many problems and maybe they are not immediate but after a few months the little pearls can appear. A sportsman friend of mine has heart problems and a half asleep arm for months, and blood tests came out very bad with many deviations when he always had perfect analysis. It affects menstruation, the hormonal system, since when does an anti viral vaccine affect the hormonal and reproductive system, it is very dangerous to vaccinate pregnant women and adolescents in development. In short, I am very afraid I do not want to be vaccinated ???? and I am not a negationist I am in favor of vaccines but not of this one.

L G, [01.08.21 12:42].
Two friends with cataracts at age 50. Loss of vision, tremors and discomfort in one eye as soon as they get poked. Neither recognizes the relationship.

Gi, [01.08.21 12:46]
[In reply to L G]
my father also vaccinated with a full course of Aztrazeneca, had cataract surgery a month later and has not recovered his vision since then. the doctors cannot explain why.

Maw8, [01.08.21 13:23]
3 neighbors, 2 fatal heart attacks 56 and 58 years old, 1 fatal stroke, all 3 vaccinated, no one links them to the vaccine ????

Lou, [01.08.21 14:08]
My 74 year old father, had been on dialysis for 4 years, had tests done where he was assured he was apt to receive a kidney. He was also diabetic. He consulted his doctor about whether he should be vaccinated because he had so many pathologies. He assured that he should be one of the first at the center, that everyone would do it there. Two weeks later he died of pulmonary thrombus.

Monica Fernandez, [01.08.21 15:32] Hello.
Hi. My 61 year old mother was injected with the Janssen 1 dose vaccine and from then on her palms started to turn pink, but a pink like phosphorite. I can’t upload a picture, otherwise I would show it to you. It looks like a dye, it is not normal at all. It appears suddenly and disappears very slowly after a while. Do you know of anyone else who has had something like this happen to them?

Germán Lavié, [01.08.21 16:49].
Two cases of people close to friends of mine. One of them, young girl in her twenties, with an allergy of unknown origin for which they can’t find treatment (1 dose). Young male, about 35 years old, semi-professional athlete, heart inflammation (2 doses).

Liz https://t.me/dandovalorac my official channel, [01.08.21 17:36]
My partner’s uncle 70-something completely healthy and jovial for his age was vaccinated 15 days ago and died of a heart attack the day before yesterday.

Aragon, [01.08.21 18:58]
Good afternoon. A collaborator of mine a month after the first vaccination has had a stroke and with that he has been detected “coincidentally also” a tumor in the head. He is alive by miracle.

Menchu, [01.08.21 19:15].
I call a friend yesterday and she tells me that she is very sad because her husband’s best friend has died at the age of 59 of a heart attack, I ask her the million dollar question and she answers me that yes, he had taken the second dose three weeks ago …. he had no previous health problems of any kind… this case has occurred in a town in Lleida.

Natalia, [02.08.21 08:36].
My grandmother was 89 years old. She was as healthy as a rock, in her last tests she had high cholesterol and slightly elevated transaminases. Two months after getting the vaccine she had a stroke and died a week later with problems all over. The doctors could not determine what he died of. Actually because of her age and the signs of liver problems it is possible that she could have died but she was doing so well and suddenly died after getting the vaccine. Because she is older they don’t investigate, they don’t tell you anything. My family did not want to do an autopsy.

Jesús Martínez, [02.08.21 09:22].
Hello, neighbor of my town (Las Palas, Fuente Alamo, Murcia). 69 years old, he looked 10 years younger. He took good care of himself, periodic checkups and analysis. No significant pathologies. A week ago he was buried. Fulminant infarction while he was sleeping. The autopsy only said heart attack, without further comment. The family, very affected, did not want to inquire any further. Of course fully vaccinated a couple of months ago.

BGos, [02.08.21 09:24].
Relative of a friend of my mother between 50 and 55 years old a week after vaccination paralysis in half of the body, face, arms, mouth.. they have admitted that it is an effect of the vaccine, she is going to rehab and so on and they tell her that in a short time she will be fine….

Maria and point, [02.08.21 09:54].
B. Days… Thank you for accepting me…
My father 85 years old, 2 months after the kakuna ,a slight ictuc ,has come out, but he is very weak, he had no pathologies, in the same week, my uncle a stroke ,has been left in a bed, another aunt, three micro infarcts, thank God they have not died, ( for the moment??) …. is it a coincidence? I DON’T THINK SO, ALL OF THEM AFTER THE PU*A KAKUNA….

Javier Yuste, [02.08.21 10:24].
I have a friend in El Salvador who watched in amazement as we talked in networks against Covid vaccines. She could not understand it.
A couple of months ago she opened a Messenger to tell me that her ex-husband (under 50 years old) died after getting vaccinated under circumstances where it was obvious to her that it was because he had been vaccinated.
The doctors will never associate it. How to prove it?
She no longer has any doubts.

Carmen Martinez, [02.08.21 10:42 am].
I have the complete Astrazeneca vaccine regimen, I can not say that I have had bad setbacks, in the first dose, I felt like I was in a balloon, lasted 24 hours and no problems and the second I can not say, it was a few days after being discharged in a traffic accident, after sixteen days, admitted, I have injuries and sequelae do not know if it is for one reason, another or both, but if I can bring what I lived during my admission to a large hospital and
I can only say that you have to have your eyes and ears wide open…?

Maria, [02.08.21 10:46].
I Maria 41 years old, early childhood educator, I was inoculated with a dose of aztraceneca, I have a congenital cardiopathy which in the future will end in an operation, family medical pressure TV …. I felt terrible two weeks later when I was driving I thought I was dying, I was rigid, very dilated pupils, very anxious, nerves, headache, very strong dizziness… I was like that for a couple of months. Today much better. I didn’t have the second one evidently even with threats from my clinic.

Eva, [02.08.21 11:03 am].
My uncle was 78 years old. He had a previous pulmonary pathology for more than 15 years with which he lived without any problem. After the first inoculation in March with pfizer, he got shingles on his arm after the injection, which caused him unbearable pain. Even so, he received the second one on May 7th. He died 72 hours later, alone at home before dawn. He had time to call teleassistance and when the ambulance arrived, the neighbor had to open the door with her key and he was already dead. It was fulminating. His heart must have given out, perhaps due to pericarditis. There was no highway and he was quickly incinerated. No one in the family is tying the knot, even though there are doctors. I understand that he will be another in a long list of unnamed human beings who perished in this experiment. But they are not going to stop us. They want darkness? Then let them know that seeds sprout in the dark.

Amy, [02.08.21 11:15]
Two relatives of mine deceased.
One of them had heart surgery for a couple of years, with pathologies, but stable. He was on Sintrom. He died shortly after taking the vaccine, and was told that the cause of death was intestinal ischemia (intestinal infarction).
The other one, cancer for some years, but stable. He also died shortly after receiving the vaccine.
The first one was given by Pfizer, the second one I do not know which one it was.

Estefania Peña, [02.08.21 11:39].
Woman 31 years old
Vaccine 1 dose pfizer

Same day vaccine pain in my arm, I could not lift it.
Next day headache (I have migraines), vomiting, dizziness, difficulty to concentrate.
The same night while I was sleeping I was awakened by punctures in my chest, my arm and leg started to fall asleep on the left side of my body where I had been punctured.
I went to the emergency room in a panic
Electrocardiogram OK
All blood tests are OK
Diagnosis myalgia
I was told that it was a side effect of the vaccine and that there were many people with myalgia.

I’m not going to get the 2nd dose

Kt, [02.08.21 11:58]
The father of a very close friend 73 years old ,healthy as an oak ,doing farm work and so on a month or so after getting pfizer herpes zoster starting on one side of the rib and going up towards his chest.Painful and barely able to touch him,today already much better with treatment.The doctor did not associate it or tell him anything about the vaccine. Another case is the grandmother of a very close friend also, 82 years old without pathologies, only the typical ailments of age, woman who did her things without help.A month and a half after getting the vaccine, I do not know which of them, one morning when visiting her daughter as every day was found fulminated on the kitchen floor when the woman was about to make breakfast, they were convinced not to do an autopsy because her body would go from one place to another and have left it as a heart attack.

Jose Maria, [02.08.21 12:09].
Barcelona, daughter of a friend. She was inoculated a week ago, 10MIN. ago they called me that she is admitted for heart attack. She is 20 years old. I don’t know the prognosis yet.

Nadia Igual, [02.08.21 12:22]
I just talked to my sister who has spoken to the family, they have her in ICU with an external pacemaker trying to stabilize her heart rate because they need to do tests and they can’t because when they try to remove it, her heart rate drops. He has pericarditis. She was on vacation in Blanes and came to the emergency room yesterday and they took her to the limit. They want to do tests to see if it is congenital, very criminal, a beautiful girl, healthy and sporty, I’m still shaking and crying with rage and helplessness. I can not believe it. This is going to be very hard.

Maria, [02.08.21 12:59]
MURCIA. My neighbor’s father, 90 years old, completely healthy, only the beginnings of dementia. Two days after the first dose he was admitted with neuomia, five days later he died.

Condemor, [02.08.21 13:36]
CIUDAD REAL. My grandfather 86 years old in residence spent the worst time covid supposedly infected, he had his problems but was stable, the second dose of pfizer developed a bilateral pneumonia and died with negative pcr.

Patricia S., [02.08.21 14:17].
75 year old friend of mine, two doses, I think Moderna, with very controlled hyperthyroidism, suddenly thyroid totally out of control, very high blood pressure, tachycardia. Her blood pressure skyrockets without warning.
Another, 57 years old, with unbearable headaches and very high blood pressure, with two doses of Pfizer.
Neighbor, 75 years old, two doses, dizziness, double vision, daily headache.
None related to the inoculation.
Another with aphonia, tremendous flu (here we are in summer) and a tumor on the instep of one foot.

S, [02.08.21 14:18]
Mother of a friend. One week after the first dose: heart attack.
She has been put on stents (springs) and is recovering. She got the second dose and at the moment she is weaker because of the heart attack.

antonio vl, [02.08.21 14:22].
My wife’s grandmother, 72 years old, vaccinated with two doses of PFIZER, a week ago she started to get red spots on her hands and legs like a rash, it itches and hurts a lot, she is starting to get blisters and they do not relate it to the vaccine ….. They send him things but it doesn’t go away.

Isabel, [02.08.21 14:53]
Good afternoon, my daughter’s best friend 22 years old kakunadacon faiser a week ago, the next day vomiting,diarrhea, fever, headache, fatigue.
Today she has gone for PCR, as she is very bad and POSITIVE, but does not associate it with kakuna.

Andrea Jiménez Chacón, [02.08.21 15:04].
20 year old friend vaccinated with pfizer, first she gets a lump in her armpit/chest and now she has had her period for the second time in a month, she says she is very hormonally uncontrolled.

Al, [02.08.21 15:06].
My father, 83 years old, takes sintrone, he is chronically heart sick, but he is strong and takes care of himself.
He took the two doses of Faizer and since then he has to be monitored with blood tests, changing the dose of Sintron and administering heparin from time to time because his blood clots.
My mother did not inject herself, but since my father did, she has been suffering from depression, lack of appetite and peaks in blood pressure and pulse. I don’t know if this is related to her being a cohabitant…???????

Jose, [02.08.21 15:43]
Girlfriend, second dose Pfizer, feels weird very weird, mood swings, tired…. Angry at times, tingling in her legs, she’s still there.

30676 Jeff Bailey, [02.08.21 16:04].
50-something relative. After full mod guideline, intestinal infarction and one week hospital admission. Medication for life (no history, I believe).

Lebasi, [02.08.21 16:06]

valencia , coworker , about 45 years , both doses , swollen lymph nodes , recognizes oncologist that it is from the vaccine , not the only one says , don’t know if it will go away !

Liliana, [02.08.21 17:26].
3 cases related to the vaccine….die after the second dose were healthy !
My grandfather with the second dose starts badly the next day a healthy man dies after 4 days!
My neighbor has had 3 relatives die already completely vaccinated….
Why are they still experimenting? How long will people allow it?

(CQ) Mari Cruz, [02.08.21 18:03].
A 92 year old aunt, with pathologies, died a few days after being inoculated, my father in law had a stroke and a heart attack after the first injection, a friend has lost his memory and is exhausted, another one has aggravated an epoc he had before the injection

Jose, [02.08.21 18:23]
Brother of a 65 year old friend, 2 months after his second dose, a stroke is serious in the hospital

Selegna Zeraj, [02.08.21 18:30]
Known from Uruguay, first dose of Sinovac, starts with terrible pain in head, ear, right side, pain goes down to neck, and chest, CT scan nothing comes out, doctors no idea, two or two weeks like that, ends up hospitalized, swollen head, swollen body, rash all over the body, they medicate her against all symptoms, doctor’s resolution; allergic effect to the vaccine, forbidden to get the second dose, said by her doctor.
She got better, but now I don’t know if she had any sequelae, here the doctor told her it was the vaccine and forbade her to take the second dose.

Free!, [02.08.21 18:43]
Good afternoon,my husband’s friend 34years is given off work for two months pregnant is vaccinated pfiezer begins to bleed,loss of baby!

carmina, [02.08.21 20:41]
My brother 43 years old ,vaccinated with janssen a month ago , not feeling well since then headache , but now in addition red bumps from ear ,through neck and shoulder. Now it hurts all over that area…anyone else with those symptoms?

Samy, [02.08.21 21:50].
Good afternoon, my 76 year old mother in law with 2 doses of Pfizer, is hospitalized since 8 days ago in the clinic crecer de Cartagena, with cerebral ischemia… since she got the vaccine she has already had it 2 times.

Al, [03.08.21 11:53].
My mother 76 years after the second dose of cerebral thrombus recovered but it is difficult for her to walk and she needs help for many things the doctors blame it on her medical history because she has a long history of various diseases but the question is that now she needs help for almost everything and before she did not, the funny thing is that she tells her children that we should get vaccinated and one of my sisters who lives with her even so they open their eyes ??

Nika, [03.08.21 12:11].
My father with 83 years after being inoculated with the 2 doses of Pfiser , pulmonary thrombus and cancer with liver metastases. He died …but I don’t know anything associated with the inoculation…. he also has a dark spot on his head and now he is treated with eparin and anticoagulants…. This terminal….my mother after the second dose has lost much more, head, dissociation of ideas, memory loss. And oeimcip of senile dementia. My sisters after laxdisus only….magnetized arms…magnetism and aggressiveness, loss of empathy. I am desperate because almost no one wants to know anything about anything other than what the media tells you….my partner gets the second Astra…and he has already paid the deadline…plus he is over 60…! He doesn’t want to listen to me. It’s horrible!

David, [03.08.21 12:38].
A 37 year old friend of mine, vaccinated with the first dose of Pfizer, after a week starts with symptoms. He ends up testing positive for Covid. Just in the week when he has done less social life, he says, of course he does not know where he got it.
He is hospitalized with pneumonia and has worsened since yesterday.
He is looking forward to the second dose.

Dao, [03.08.21 12:39]
Hi a friend’s father , 50-something , first dose , head problems and passed away.

Rebeca Caballero, [03.08.21 13:58]
Good afternoon, my uncle with 72 years gave him a stroke after the second dose of pizer,his blood pressure went up a lot and he could not move his legs.

Carmen Bononad, [03.08.21 14:05].
A friend, policeman, 45 years old. At the end of March he took the first one of Astrazeneca. Shortly after he started complaining of headache. After 15 days he was admitted to the hospital. Thousands of tests to see if it was a virus, bacteria, tuberculosis, meningitis…and nothing. The headaches he was told it was multiple micromboses. Blood clotted in the head. CT scan showed several areas of necrosis. 3 months in ICU. Now 1 month ago he has been transferred to the Clinico de Valencia…more tests…now with hydrocephalus. If it is not the vaccine, explain to his wife what he has, because not even the doctors know what to do! 45 years old!!!!!??????

Juan F. Reina, [03.08.21 14:12].
In my family we have not injected, but several of the neighbors have sequelae: one was vomiting blood since it was put (operated on a throat cancer, with a vocal cord removed and low platelet count, over 70 years), another neighbor has malaise, fatigue and severe diarrhea that does not remit (something more than 50 years). Today an ambulance arrived at the building to attend to a third neighbor (also between 50 and 60 years old), this one with disorientation, loss of judgment and continuous vomiting. Apart from this, four acquaintances of my family have died after the inoculation (we are keeping count). All this in Badajoz, Extremadura.

Lola Perez Sanchez, [03.08.21 14:34].
I am a nurse in ICU. We have an 18 year old boy who within hours of being inoculated with the first dose of modern, went to the emergency room for feeling unwell and was diagnosed with post-vaccination myocarditis.

Yiyi, [03.08.21 14:46].
Hello good afternoon!!!today my sister has been discharged!!!! At the end obstruction in arteries they have put 4 springs in different arteries!!!! The heart has been damaged!!! She has become chronically ill with a heart condition. She had no heart or circulatory problems before! She was a very vital person! ! This happened to her at 2 years after the AstraZeneca inoculation.

Hesther De La Paz, [03.08.21 14:58].
Medication first dose Moderna effect at 5 days appearance of bruising, intense general tiredness and hypersomnia, intense headache that does not subside with nausea, after 15 days cramps maintained in both extremities and headache persists intense with nausea, general tiredness, su. Doctor recognizes side effect

Ricardo Vidal, [03.08.21 15:28].
My 48 year old partner something similar with Pfizer in Alicante. Abundant menstruation, arrhythmias, anxiety, legs with stiffness… his mother was taken to the Samu, diagnosis, slight almost imperceptible effusion and syncope…. When the Samu arrived, which took 40 minutes to arrive, she was practically unconscious lying on the floor, they recovered her and when she entered the hospital she started to talk a little.

The issue is that what the vaccine can cause can be camouflaged in the medical records and underlying pathologies.

Angeles Sanchez Fernandez, [03.08.21 15:30].
Hello good afternoon I wanted to comment on the vaccine that a former colleague that I found in the street, told me that she had been vaccinated and asked me Angeles and you? I told her no and she told me Ángeles don’t get vaccinated, since I have been regretting it, since then my whole body hurts and I feel like an older woman and I am only 45 years old, they had to give me a vevenene and she also told me that another colleague called Guadalupe, the three of us who worked together, had a heavy period and it didn’t stop for a month.

GLD, [03.08.21 16:22] [03.08.21 16:22
[In reply to Juan F. Reina]
In Badajoz also young athlete falls round to the lawn and is taken to the emergency room, and renal failure, he is on dialysis and waiting for a transplant.

Ricardo Vidal, [03.08.21 16:53]
The mother of an acquaintance of ours, about 60 years old and healthy, died in Elche 1 month ago by a thrombus 4 days after giving her the vaccine…. I do not know which vaccine, or what dose it was.

Dani H.B., [03.08.21 17:30].
my mother in law has chemical sensitivity and chronic fatigue, she says the two weeks after the vaccine were the best in many, many years, unfortunately she is fucked up again

Patricia Vera, [03.08.21 19:34]
Male 73 years old, vaccinated with sputnik. 1st dose, after 14 days he faints, shortness of breath, and cannot walk. He was hospitalized in the ICU and died a week later from covid-19, they said that his lungs were like punctured balloons, they gave him oxygen and it was leaking out.
I was 49 years old and vaccinated with the first dose of Sinofarm, after a month I had bilateral pneumonia. And my blood coagulation values are now high, danger of thrombosis. I will not get the 2nd dose.

Sweet morsels, [03.08.21 20:00].
Friend 43 years old with the single dose has not had a period since the vaccine.

Ro, [03.08.21 20:22].
Co-worker, 2 doses of pzifer, several months without period, now it’s back and quite heavy with clots, feels very heavy, bloated and quite painful every time she has her period.

Rocio, [04.08.21 08:18].
My experience: I work as a support teacher with some children. Since the maternal grandmother was inoculated she is going from illness to illness, she has lost 10 kg. A couple of days ago she told me “I had better not have been vaccinated, if I got the bug I would either heal or die, but living like this is horrible” the daughter, also vaccinated is on sick leave for suffering episodes of anxiety attacks and menstrual irregularities and also told me “I do not vaccinate my children” …. I hope they keep waking up.

Cristina Mobo, [04.08.21 08:26].
Cousin of a friend, 62 years old, sporty and super healthy, is vaccinated with the two doses (I do not know which vaccine), he is admitted intubated with covid, yesterday he was very serious

Ximet, [04.08.21 08:59].
My wife inoculated with Pfizer. Fatigue and delayed period during the first dose. My 25 year old niece, inoculated with Moderna. She is thinking about the second one.

Romulus Severus Extremis, [04.08.21 09:58]
[In reply to Elvira]
Good morning. I can tell you that a close relative has had practically the same thing happen to him. It started with a couple of welts on her belly and now she has them all over her abdomen and even her back. He went to the doctor and was told that it could be mites, prescribing an ointment. The thing is that now, after almost three months, she still has the hives with an incredible itching. She has changed mattresses and it is still the same. I figured it was because of the vaccine but I didn’t want to tell him anything so as not to scare him, every time I meet him and we talk I am more sure that it is a reaction from the vaccine. This person I am referring to is a STRONG defender of the vaccine and acts just as they say on TV, so I do not dare to tell him anything for fear of an argument and losing the friendship, but on the other hand I do not have a clear conscience because I think I should tell him… I feel a bestial impotence, I hope you understand me, you know that my nerves are not very fine these days. I have dared to tell you about it, I hope that other people who know of a similar case will dare to comment on it. We must stop this nonsense. Greetings to everyone. ??????? #NoAlVeneno ????????????????

Carles Me, [04.08.21 09:59]
Relative roxima of my sister. 99 years old with only one treatment pill a day. She gets the two doses and after two months she ends up in palliative care. She has been there for three weeks.

Maricarmen Calleja, [04.08.21 10:29].
Yesterday I put the effects of my mother, now I add my father-in-law, 73 years old, with the first dose of pfizer a week later he felt as in the inoculated arm did not respond to the movement that he wanted to do, he was hospitalized, they did an MRI and the diagnosis was multiple cerebral infarcts, that part of the right side of the arteries obstructed grade 3, he was discharged and will be doing controls for possible catheterization. My brother with 41 years old, second pfizer vaccine, fever, inflammation of the amignadalas, muscular pains. Nothing, now it seems that what he has is the flu. !!!! Curious that there has been no flu and he has it in the middle of August just days after the second injection, his coworkers with differences in days of injecting the vaccine at least 7 are the same. Same medical criteria flu!!!!. My other brother 30 years old when he was inoculated 4 fell to the ground.

Angel, [04.08.21 10:39 am].
Friend of mine 55 years old first dose pfizer. Next day legs full of bruises.

Mrs.MMIND, [04.08.21 10:40]
[In reply to Romulo Severus Extremis]
Romulo, from what you say it is herpes zoster, I already know three people who after vaccination have been awakened by the dormant chickenpox virus that generates welts and shingles all over (other people call it shingles).

Janna, [04.08.21 10:48]
[In reply to Mrs.MMIND]
It happened to me with the flu shot haray 6 years, I got it and it was the worst thing I ever did.

Non stop colds that winter and shingles on my lower back for life! Thank goodness it’s small

Marian MB, [04.08.21 10:52]
[In reply to Mrs.MMIND]
In my town herpes zoster has been a very common side effect…and I think a lot of those cases have gone unreported, (and that the pharmacies that dispense the meds for it are supposed to be reporting everything…).

Loreliz, [04.08.21 12:02]
[In reply to Loreliz]
Update Thursday 29th they end up taking me to the hospital after seeing the electros because I have arrhythmias. In my life I had never had any arrhythmia before and it happened a few days after I had the vaccination.

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