President of Moscow City Physicians’ Scientific Society says Covid “vaccine” a biological weapon

The modification of genes in coronavirus vaccines allows them to be described as biological weapons, Pavel Vorobiev, president of the Scientific Society of Moscow City Physicians, doctor of medical sciences, professor at the Moscow Medical Academy, told IA Krasnaya Vesna in an interview with IA Krasnaya Vesna.

“These vaccines are basically genetically modified products, viruses with which we actually infect people so that they produce certain factors, certain substances that will provoke an immune response. But excuse me, this, if you like, is a new biological weapon,” Vorobyov explained.

Note that the category of genetic vaccines can include both messenger RNA (mRNA) preparations, which are dominant in the West, and vaccines based on the adenoviral vector platform, including Sputnik V, which is the most widespread in Russia.

Western mRNA vaccines and Russia’s Sputnik V are similar in that, unlike traditional vaccines that show the immune system a killed or weakened version of the pathogen, these genetic vaccines cause the vaccinee’s cells to produce proteins from the surface of the dangerous virus, in this case, the spike protein…. But they do it differently.

mRNA vaccines, such as those from Pfizer or Moderna, enter the patient’s cells via lipid (fat) coated nanoparticles that can be incorporated into the cell membrane. Once inside the cell, the nanoparticles release messenger RNAs, which do not contain the entire genome of the virus, but only the spike protein code.

Cellular mechanisms for protein production, called ribosomes, then read the mRNA code and produce a spike-like protein that the immune system must see when it reaches the cell surface and create an immune response against it.

Adenoviral vector vaccines work in a similar way. Genetic information encoding the same spike protein enters the cell with the help of a modified adenovirus, stripped of part of its genetic code needed for replication. In this case, the adenovirus delivers the protein code in the form of DNA, which means it has to penetrate the cell nucleus, where the DNA is rewritten into mRNA. And then the newly created mRNA is used for the production of a protein spike.

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