Vladimir Zelenko believes, unlike so many, in the harmful existence of a virus christened SARS-CoV-2. And, derived from it, he is a believer in a disease caused by it, which they call Covid-19. So he is not a “denialist”. But the issue of universal “vaccination” did scandalise him. And it still does.

Who is Vladimir Zalenko

Dr. Zelenko has been a licensed family doctor for more than 20 years. He has been described by his patients as a member of thousands of families and is a medical advisor at the Volunteer Ambulance Corps at Kiryas Joel in New York. Dr Zelenko has developed his celebrated Zelenko protocol that has saved countless lives around the world.

Dr Zelenko states that his team “has directly treated 6000 patients, has trained hundreds of doctors who now train their students, we have successfully treated millions of patients, President Trump was my patient, Rudy Giuliani was also my patient, Rabbi Haim Kanievsky was my patient, Rabbi Litzman, your health minister in Israel was my patient, including the president of Brazil Bolsonaro.

The “vaccine” is a mass culling of children

“As for children: as far as children are concerned, the only reason you would want to treat a child is because you believe in child sacrifice, and even some voters believe in child sacrifice. If you want to experiment on children, as if they were a lump of coal, that’s a very good reason to inject them (a vaccine). Otherwise, it is not necessary.

Let me explain this: whenever you evaluate a treatment, you have to do it from three perspectives: Is it safe, does it work, is it necessary? Just because you can do a treatment does not mean you need it. There must be a medical necessity. But look at the CDC statistics, for children under 18 who are healthy. The survival rate is 99.998%. As Dr. Yeadon said, the flu virus is more dangerous to children than covid-19. He made an assessment that out of a million children, 100 will die from vaccination. I think the figure will be much higher, and I will tell you why. If there is a population group that is not at risk of dying from a disease, why inject them with a deadly poison?

The “vaccine” is unnecessary, ineffective and very dangerous.

Let’s see if it works. The two most vaccinated countries in the world are the Seychelles (over 80%) and Israel (85%). Yet both countries are facing an epidemic of the Delta variant. So let me ask you a question: If they have vaccinated the majority of their population, why do they still have an epidemic? That’s question number one, the second question is why give a third injection of something that didn’t work the first two times? Very well, it is to find out whether it works or not. Let’s talk about safety, this is the real issue.

There are three levels of safety in the face of death that we have to assess: acute risk, sub-acute risk and long-term risk. Acute risk, I would establish from the time of the injection until three months after the injection. As the number one risk of the injection is the formation of blood clots. As Dr. Yeadon said, according to the Salk Institute (everything I say, I will defend with documentation, don’t take my words at face value, do reasonable due diligence, I can provide proof of everything I say).

Devastating cardiovascular lesions, Spike protein by means of

According to the Salk Institute, when a person receives an injection of “this stuff”, the body becomes a spike producer, producing billions of Spikes (Spike protein), which then migrate to the endothelium, the inner lining of your blood vessels, which are essentially like little spikes inside your vascular system. The blood cells that circulate through this become damaged, causing blood clots. If it happens in the heart, it’s a cardiac crisis. If it happens in the brain, it’s a stroke. So the first cause of death in the short term is blood clots, and most of them occur in the first three to four days (40%) after injection of this deadly poison.

The other problem is that it causes mild carditis or inflammation of the heart in young adults. The third problem, the most worrying according to the preliminary data in the New England Journal of Medicine article, is that the rate of first-trimester miscarriages in women who are vaccinated in the first trimester rises from 10 to 80%. I want you to understand what I have just said.

Very high rates of “spontaneous” abortion among “vaccinated” pregnant women.

First trimester miscarriage rates in pregnant women, when vaccinated, increase eightfold. This is preliminary data and may be subject to change, but I’m telling you it’s real today. And this is only the first problem. The second problem is sub-acute death. Studies that have been done in animals with these vaccines have shown that all the animals reacted well by generating antibodies when challenged. However, when confronted with the virus they were immunised against, a large percentage of them died.

And when investigated, it was found that their immune system had killed them. It’s called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), or pathogen priming, or paradoxical immune system enhancement. But the point is that many of these animals died. Maybe humans are different. My answer: “maybe”. However, these studies have not been done in humans. You are that study, right now. Pfizer’s own CEO said it himself: “Israel is the biggest laboratory in the world”. And that’s why these long-term studies have not been done to exclude the risks, they have not been done.

“Vaccination”: the greatest genocide in human history

Dr. Luc Montagnier, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of HIV, has said that it was the greatest risk to humanity and the greatest risk of genocide in human history. Therefore, the risk of an ADE reaction (antibody-dependent potentiation of infection) in humans, which occurs later, was not excluded. So my question is: why vaccinate someone with a potentially destructive and deadly substance without verifying the data of the experiment first? And the third element is the long-term consequences. There is definite evidence that this vaccine affects fertility, damages ovarian function and reduces the number of sperm. There is also definite evidence that it increases autoimmune diseases. Who knows, over time, how it will shorten lifespan?

A paper was published in mid-August showing that it increases the risk of cancer. So, under all angles of approach to the problem. In the acute setting, it causes blood clots, inflammation of the heart, miscarriage. In the sub-acute (medium-term) setting: it can cause disastrous immunopathological reaction. In the long-term context, it causes an increase in autoimmune diseases, cancers, fertility.

Massive human experimentation

So it is a big concern. In fact, let me put it this way: in my opinion, the current Israeli government is a gilgul (reincarnation) of Mengele. They have allowed (mass) human experimentation on their own people.

And I want to tell you, you will have to look at the data in Israel, but if you see problems in the Jewish people you will have to look at the rabbinical leadership. Because if the head (meaning the leadership) is sick, what can you expect from the body (meaning the people)? So I plead with this base to put the interests of Israel above politics and anything that might alter your opinions.

I receive death threats every day; I risk my life, my career, my finances, my reputation, almost my family, simply by sitting here and saying what I am saying to you. So, in short: this vaccine is not necessary and nobody needs it.

Why vaccinate with a deadly poison?

Children, I said, have a 99.998% chance of getting better, young adults between 18 and 45 have a 66.68% chance. According to the CDC, a person who has already had covid 19 and has naturally induced antibodies is 1 billion times more effective than artificially induced immunity from the vaccine. So why would I vaccinate someone with a deadly poison that is going to create inferior or dangerous antibodies when I already have healthy antibodies?

And then if you look at the high-risk population, which has a mortality rate of 7.5%. According to my data, which was the first in the world, which I published in a peer-reviewed journal, data that became the basis for over 200 other studies, which corroborated my observations: if you treat people in the right time, you reduce the mortality rate by 85%. So out of 600,000 Americans, we could have prevented 510,000 from going to hospital and dying.

I presented this data to Netanyahu, delivered directly to him via Australia in April 2020. And I also briefed all the members of his health ministry. So my question: if I can reduce the death rate from 7.5% to less than 0.5%, why should I use a deadly poison that does not work, but has terrible and horrible side effects?

2 Billion Exterminated: World War III

Let me do another thought experiment with you. If every human being on the planet were a victim of COVID-19 and went untreated, the global death rate would be less than ½%. However, this is not what I am advocating, it would still be 35 million deaths. However, if we follow the advice of some of the “world leaders”, like Bill Gates last year, who wanted to vaccinate 7 billion people, the death rate would be over 2 billion. So wake up, it is a third world war at a level never seen before, probably in the history of mankind.

Sacrificial ritual conducted by sociopathic “pharaohs”.

So I am against the sacrifice of children. I am against the idea of having another Zeroah (Passover offering?). And I really believe that God tests every human being. This is the test: “Will you bow down to me? Will you ask for my protection? Will you accept your fears and ask for my help? Or will you run to the other Zeroah, the Zeroah of the vaccines of your governments, despots and tyrants?” They are like sociopaths. Aspiring divinities. There is nothing new under the sun. These people are no different than the pharaohs, they think they are gods. And you’re going to prostrate before them, they want you to prostrate. No problem. Let them protect you, we’ll see how this all turns out.

I have seen how fear drives people to do completely irrational things that make no sense, sacrificing their own children. Yes, your Ministry of Health (he means Israel) is lying to you. Their statistics are completely false.

If you want to see something real, there is a website called worldometers.info go to Israel and you can see that on the 20th of December (2020), there is a big spike in the mortality curve in Israel. Do you know what happened in Israel on the 20th of December? The national vaccination started. And these are the figures reported by the Israeli government. They are too stupid to hide it. There is no justification for the use of this deadly poison. Unless you want to sacrifice human beings. I have finished…

Questions and answers …

QUESTION: According to what you said, on the estimate of 7 billion vaccinated, 2,000,000 people would die. Is that accurate?

ZELENKO: No, I didn’t say that, according to world experts. Dr. Robert Malone, who invented the patented mRNA technology for the vaccine. He said “don’t use it, the government is lying to you”. The side effects are horrible. Dr Dolores Cahill (Ireland) said she believes that in two years, 90% of those vaccinated will be dead. Dr Michael Yeadon (I hope he can confirm this), said he wouldn’t go that far.

So I don’t know, maybe not 90%, but what is the percentage (of deaths)? And maybe not in two years, but in three years. Remember what Dr. Luc Montagnier, (Nobel Laureate,) said: “This is the greatest risk of genocide in the history of mankind”.

QUESTION: So, wait a minute, if there are 3 million (in Israel) who have received the Pfizer vaccine, should we see 500,000, 800,000 (deaths)?

ZELENKO: …over time…

Q: You mentioned the studies on fertility problems, sperm count and recently a study on cancer that says it causes cancer. Will the government show these studies? Why doesn’t the government show them? Everything you have said is refuted by governments, but also by the majority of the pharmaceutical industry who tell us that all these studies showing that vaccination is dangerous are made up, false and crazy.

ZELENKO: All the people you just mentioned, if you add them up with the number of patients who have been treated by Covid-19, it all equals zero, I have treated more than 6000 patients, so you have to know who you are talking to. I have nothing to gain except the loss of my life. Now I tell you this: there is a very concerted effort to suppress life-saving information. Drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin which are the safest drugs in the history of medicine have been rejected and you can’t even get them in Israel. Doctors who say anything against the official narrative have been censored, even world experts, like Dr Malone for example who has developed the messenger RNA vaccine and has said things against the narrative has been erased from all media platforms, can you tell me why? So can you tell me why there is a suppression of the knowledge of the side effects of this deadly poison? Why is there incredible coercion and psychological pressure? And now they use force to force people to get vaccinated, it is you who must answer these questions and not me. There is a coordinated effort here, and Israel is leading the way.

Short-term effects: dropping like flies from the “vaccine”.

QUESTION: Absolutely the various data in the United States do not show the figures that you have.

ZELENKO: Your current data show 11,000 deaths and 450,000 adverse events. First of all: is this not enough, what is your threshold of (acceptable) deaths?

Q: No, one.

ZELENKO: OK, they’re already admitting them: there’s a CDC whistleblower who just said it’s not 11,000 but 45,000 deaths. Isn’t that enough? And then there’s a Harvard study that says only 1% of actual (adverse) events are reported. But let’s assume 20% of deaths are reported and I’m being very generous. But if you take 45,000 as this whistleblower says, or 11,000 as they even admit, the figure would be 50,000 or 200,000, you can take your pick and there are other problems with this data. I have colleagues (doctors) who have lost patients after the vaccine. They try to report it, but the system rejects their reports for no reason. One more problem, and I have proof of this. Reports that were submitted and approved anyway, are now being removed from the system, and you can’t even find them anymore. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a real conspiracy, not a theory: 18 months ago, if I had told you that covid-19 was a biological weapon, you would have said I was a conspiracy theorist. But, you know, Noah in the Bible was a conspirator until it rained!

So if I tell you it’s an artificial biological weapon, that’s a conspiracy, not a theory. Everybody agrees that this virus was artificially created. And I even know exactly when it was done and I know the patent numbers associated with the modifications.

In 1999, Dr Ralph Barrett of the University of North Carolina modified a bat coronavirus and a surface protein so that it could infect humans. This research then became illegal in the United States. It was sent with US taxpayers’ money and by Fauci to Wuhan, where this research continued, until they found a way to modify this virus, to make it so destructive to human lungs and cause blood clots. So they took a natural virus, and slowly brought in two changes over time, it took them over 20 years, to modify the fact that it should infect humans, and then, once infected, it should destroy tissues.

This is a conspiracy to commit genocide.

Now, nobody says I’m a conspiracy theorist, people say it’s a conspiracy. It is a conspiracy to commit genocide. It’s so hard for Jews to believe that there is a group of people willing to destroy life. It is a war against God. There are two ways of looking at life: either you look at human beings as being made in the image of God, which means that your life is sacred; if you have a sacred life, then you have human rights. And if you have human rights, it is none of your business or mine to decide how many people there should be on the planet or who should live or die….

The other view of life, the other system: let’s call it Darwin’s eugenic system, but it really goes back a long time. But it is the system that generally states: who is at the top of the dominant hierarchy of life? Those with the most survival advantages. Which inevitably leads to three categories of people: the Übermensch, the Mensch and the Untermensch. If you apply this to 80 years ago, the Übermensch were the Nazis who claimed to be the descendants of the Aryan gods; they considered it their prerogative, their right, to decide who lives or dies. The Mensch who were the Anglo-Saxons, the Europeans, could live and be slaves. And the Untermenschen, the Jews, the Slavs, the handicapped, the Gypsies, the political prisoners, had to turn to dust.

This sounds like a fairy tale, except that 200 million people have been massacred. And it is exactly the same as what is happening now, except that it is not anti-Jewish. Today it is completely different: there is a group of people who have the feeling that they have evolved to a higher level of consciousness, and that in their new intelligence, and their new vision, and new insight allows them to determine these things. I don’t think they have evolved. I think they are misguided heathens. I think they are, they become the mamzers, in the Torah, worshippers of Moloch in the Torah. There is no difference.

QUESTION: I understand this, but the CDC itself and also Mr. Biden are running a “vaccination” programme. Let’s say I am against that programme. But you can shout here, but people in America, I think there are 200 million people who have chosen vaccinations …

ZELENKO: Let me tell you about the CDC. President Trump had issued executive order that said all doctors should have access to hydroxychloroquine. That order went to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Azar, and then it ended up at the CDC, to Dr. Rick Bright, and instead of using the law that would have given access to this drug to every American, and even in other parts of the world, because the biggest complaint I got from Israel was that the CDC/FDA did not approve the drug, because the Israeli government are obedient puppets of the United States. So, because the Americans were not willing to use the drug, Israel did not use it either.

And what did they (Azar and Bright) do? They issued a restricted use authorisation, which restricted and limited access only to hospitalised patients, which had the effect of cutting off access to outpatients who could take the drug at home. This is documented by Dr. Rick Bright himself, in a documentary entitled Totally Under Control. These are not my words, but his.

And then they withdrew the emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). And they used the Lancet study that showed that HCQ killed people. The problem with that study is that it was fraudulent, the Lancet had to withdraw it because it was based on data that didn’t even exist. But the FDA and CDC continued to use this study after it was retracted, to revoke the emergency use of HCQ! And the reason? It’s because if this drug has emergency use approval, other drugs can’t get it.

So, three weeks later, Gilead’s Redemsivir received its emergency approval and a $3 billion contract. But Redemsivir showed no benefit: it reduced hospital stay by five days, but with no benefit over the $3,200 per patient, intravenously (i.e., in the hospital). While the drugs I used cost 0.20 euros a pill, to take at home, they reduced deaths as well as hospitalisations by 84%. That means I was reducing Redemsivir’s market share by 84%.

It all comes from corrupt governments conspiring: they want you dead.

So the CDC is not an authority for me. And you know, according to the NIH right now: you’re not supposed to treat covid unless you’re in the hospital and your oxygen level is below 92%. Now, this advice and recommendations come from a government that wants you dead. After 18 months and dozens of studies that have shown an average benefit of 85% for recovery, treatment that prevents hospitalisations and deaths, and you have a government agency that continues to make bad recommendations, so they have lost all credibility. Yes, our governments are corrupt. Yes, our governments have conspired (against the people).

If I had organised this (referring to the pandemic for eugenic purposes), I would go to a world leader, I would go, for example, to Bibi (Benjamin) Netanyahu or Bennett, and say, “Look, calm down, here’s $500 million, I’m going to put it in an account for you that nobody can trace, and listen to us”. If you don’t, we’ll kill your family.

The eternal struggle between Good and Evil

If we make the comparison one Jew out of ten left Israel and headed for Egypt, which is 10% of our people are capable of making the psychological transition from slave thinking to redemptive thinking. That is the problem. It is a collision between two systems that cannot coexist: a God-centred consciousness on the one hand versus an Other-centred consciousness on the other? There is nothing new under the sun, it is the same thing. This is the real battlefield, it is now the covid-19″. Quoting Ecclesiastes, right.

Luys Coleto


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  1. “First, do no harm”?
    Interesting; I was worried it might be a conspiracy item but is actually cogent. I’m not an anti-vax person as I have even developed a cancer treatment vaccine FDA approved for clinical trials and two COVID treatment patents pending.

    Adding to the above, there are no less than six peer-reviewed and pending scientific articles that show if you are already immune (natural) then vaccination is highly likely to produce side effects or adverse events. This follows “immunology 101” and they are unopposed in the literature….I’m waiting to find a fake study soon to counter, but for some reason this critical information is not front-and-center yet. This is a huge argument against the coercion being placed on societies, and that there are only two groups: vaccinated or not. Natural immunity, which is proven better, is put down.

    I suspect that many of the adverse events reported (or not, as alluded to in the column) represent mostly people who were already naturally immune. To repeat the paraphrase from the Hippocratic Oath: “First do no harm”. Perhaps that is passe’.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t taken the vaccine yet I was thinking about taking it until I started hearing about people, fully vaccined and getting covid and I said, Oh hell no, I’m not taking it but the truth of the matter is I fear in time we may not have no choice with these mandates Biden got in place, it’s like he’s saying in my opinion and without him personally saying it” get vaccined or I’m going to make life as miserable as possible for you by taking your job away from you all or what I fear most and this affects me more so than the whole job thing does cause I don’t work, what I fear is that he’ll go feather with the mandates saying that if we continue not getting vaccined that we could lose our medical, food stamps or even social security and I can’t afford to lose my medical I’m on Medicaid and take medicine for my seizures but I guess I could still go to the doctor and still get my medicine too unless I lost my social security too. It makes me wonder if Biden would be that big of an asshole to carry his stupid pointless mandates that far especially when they solving the problem and stopping the spread, personally I don’t think the masks are working all that much if you wanted me to be honest, nothing they’re doing is working, the number of cases seems to go down for a time then they shoot back up and why, why? I want to see a cure for covid so bad like I’m sure a lot of people do.


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