Before a vaccine can be approved, it must have proven its efficacy in clinical studies, explains infection epidemiologist emeritus Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi. Such efficacy can only be proven by demonstrating that the vaccine protects against serious illness or death. This proof was never provided with the new corona vaccines. The probability of death for those under 70 who contracted the virus would be less than 0.1%. “There is no vaccine in the world that can further reduce this mortality,” Bhakdi explains. Only vaccinated people under the age of 70 have been shown to be less likely to be infected. However, this does not make sense. Serious illness and death is what matters.

The only group of people who could potentially benefit from a corona vaccine are those aged 75 years and older. Here, mortality from the virus is actually significantly higher. However, the vaccine was never tested in this group or could not be tested. It is highly unethical and not allowed to be applied to this group of people, says Bhakdi. It is not known what side effects will appear in the risk groups.

Short-term side effects are already serious in young people and could be the last straw that pushes the barrel overflowing in older people. Moreover, nothing is known about long-term side effects. However, these should have been investigated because gene-based vaccines are something completely new and involve “immense theoretical dangers”.

Hardly anyone knows that the body’s own defence against viruses does not only work with the help of antibodies, the infection epidemiologist explains. Antibodies would try to stop the invasion of pathogens. Much more important, however, is to kill the cells in the body into which the viruses were able to successfully penetrate and where they then reproduced. This is the task of so-called killer lymphocytes, which the affected cells recognise from the waste products created during virus replication.

These waste products would be transported out of the cells, so to speak put at the door. There they would be noticed by killer lymphocytes, which then destroyed the corresponding cells, the “virus factories”: “The fire is out, people get up and go back to work.

The body’s immune system is well acquainted with the coronavirus family as a whole. Because of the similarities, the killer lymphocytes would also recognise the waste products of the new coronavirus, Bhakdi explains. In the under-70 age group, 99.95 per cent of people would get back on their feet because the fire could be extinguished.

Normally, the virus would remain in the lungs, Bhakdi said. Now, however, the virus gene itself is injected with the new vaccines: “This gene goes everywhere, all over the body. Even where it shouldn’t. The virus part will be built into many cells and the waste products of this process will be placed outside the door as usual. “The killer lymphocytes you have will attack these cells,” Bhakdi continued. “That’s the basis of autoimmune diseases.”

Over the course of months and years, many other side effects could be added, Bhakdi often quotes an English proverb: “If you ask for trouble, you’ll get it”. (Translated: Anyone who asks for trouble will get it). He strongly advocates against vaccination. Side effects would be swept under the carpet: “You won’t believe what you will experience”.

From a global perspective, one could speak of the greatest catastrophe of all time. All measures are based on a test that is not valid and has never been approved for diagnosis, Bhakdi recalls. This test must be abandoned.

Many will see that these vaccines are “very, very, very, very dangerous”, predicts lawyer Dr Fuellmich in the Crown Committee, session 32, a rethink: “It is not a vaccine at all, we already know that. This is a genetic intervention and there has never been anything like it”. Referring to a Chinese doctor who trained in Wuhan and lives in the US, he reports a large number of deaths in China caused by the corona vaccine and it is increasingly obvious that vaccinated people develop more aggressive variants of Covid.

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