A parent denounces that a school teacher, from the first day of class, has been singling out and harassing 13-year-old children for not being vaccinated.

The party of teachers’ harassment of unvaccinated children in schools has begun. And this is something that, unfortunately, we already assumed was going to happen, but we did not imagine that it would start so soon. We can’t even believe that there are teachers who are so miserable, who have so little head and who risk their jobs in this way because, as the father informs us, he is going to take legal action against him.

Put yourselves in the situation, first day of class, the students only have to go for 40 minutes to be given the guidelines to follow in the new course. And what do they say that the tutor of these students does? He forces them to raise their hands to those who are vaccinated and those who are not. But he doesn’t stop there, he applauds those who are not vaccinated and says to them, in a very bad way: “COME ON, IT’S ABOUT TIME!

The name of the school is IES LUIS GARCÍA BERLANGA DE GUADALIX DE LA SIERRA (MADRID) and we also know the name of the tutor but, for the moment, we are only going to give the initials of this infectious subject (V.L.A.). We are going to be very vigilant with all these reports that reach us and we are going to spread them as much as we can, as far as we can.

We are not going to ignore a single one of these miserable behaviours of teachers who try to intimidate children, in violation of the Data Protection Law, especially when it comes to children and their health data.

We also call on parents not to allow this kind of abuse of their children. There are many of us who are willing to help them in their complaints, more than they think, and we know many lawyers who are willing to deal with these types of cases. It is necessary to denounce to put in their place all these mendrugos who harass children, such as V.L.A.

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