Sudden deaths of young athletes and the ‘mafia-vaccine’ omerta

“Blandini, 20 years old last June and the promise of volleyball and beach volleyball in Catania,” writes Catania Today.

Since the start of the vaccination campaign, there have been a series of ‘sudden deaths’ affecting young people who, before the ‘sudden death’, were in excellent health. The bizarre thing is that few newspapers reveal whether the victim had undergone inoculation with the experimental gene drug before his death. The lack of investigation by a ‘crime’ reporter creates further suspicion, especially if the ‘sudden death’ concerns a 20-year-old sportsman.

Indignation if outside the editorial offices there are people shouting “sold out!”
This is not to suggest, at all costs, that poor Christian Blandini died as a result of a vaccination, as there is no information on this. It would, however, be interesting to see whether we do not have this kind of news, or whether these reports are deliberately omitted, as happens to some ‘careless’ doctors.

One has the distinct impression that these deaths bring to the surface the Italic omertà, now also of a ‘Mafia-vaccine’ kind, where the instigator of the crime must be concealed for fear of retaliation. All this is truly scandalous, thinking of the real journalists who, risking their lives, investigate people who have died at the hands of the organised underworld.

It is true, however, that several state massacres are still without perpetrators.

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