Bank cards and serial bans, welcome to the “brave new world”.

Some people complain about the health pass: “Yes, we’re going to be registered”, “Everyone will know where we’ve gone, what we’ve done there”, and so on. It is true that this QR code story, used by curious little people, looks like electronic espionage.

But those who complain have not yet seen anything. In Sweden, in the land of Alfred Nobel, a young company called Doconomy developed two years ago, remember, an ecologically responsible payment card. Its name is simply “DO”. This card, in addition to paying for your wishes, calculates in real time the carbon equivalent emitted by your purchases. For example, if you buy a pair of trousers, your card will indicate that you have emitted 20 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere if your garment is “made in China” and only 0.5 kg if it is made near you. According to a 2016 ADEME study, the average French person emits almost 11.9 tonnes of CO2 per year, 75% of which is linked to everyday consumption. However, to achieve carbon neutrality, he or she must emit less than 2 tonnes. The Do card is the tool you need if you want to be an eco-responsible citizen.

Yes, but! While the ordinary card is the “DO White”, there is a slightly more restrictive “DO Black”. You enter the percentage of CO2 you don’t want to exceed and, when it is reached, your card sends a simple message to your smartphone: “Purchase rejected, CO2 quota reached”. You are now super eco-responsible: you are saving the planet by calibrating – yourself – your CO2 emission rate and, consequently, the use of your means of payment.

Yes, but once a month! What if someone other than you – your bank, for example, or the state, or an invisible and despotic supranational body, or whoever – decided for you how much CO2 you can reject? Easy, technically, with the DO card. Then you are no longer in control of your purchases!

Let’s imagine, moreover, that we move rapidly towards the disappearance of cash, as some think – the Bank of France predicts that cash payments will decrease by 20% by 2025 – then the circle would close: no more notes or coins, no more “free” bank cards, just that damn DO in your name but of which, by definition, you have lost control.

Paranoid? Conspiracy? Maybe. But then, in another area, we will have to explain the reasoning of the European Environmental Bureau which, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, recommends limiting the surface area of dwellings to a certain number of square metres per person: 14 to 20 square metres for a single person; 40 to 80 square metres for a family of four. Paranoid, isn’t it?

We can see that our environmentalists, driven by such crazy projects, are competing in imagination by duping the citizens: introducing a climate tax, banning industrial agriculture, making vegetarianism compulsory in public catering, banning planes for journeys that can be made by train in less than four and a half hours while banning cars with heat engines, stopping the last coal-fired power stations in the country by developing wind power, getting out of nuclear power, etc.

Welcome to the Brave New World. Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, which he imagined in 1931, eighty years ago.’impact%20du,un%20m%C3%A9nage%20de%204%20personnes%20%C2%BB.

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