💉 According to the latest bulletin of the Spanish Medicines Agency, up to 5 September, they have received 8,515 reports of serious adverse events, of which 300 were fatal.

A total of 41,751 adverse event reports have been registered following the administration of Covid “vaccines” in Spain. This is 17,260 more cases than reported on 15 June (an increase of 70.5% this summer).

As of 5 September, 8,515 cases have been reported that were considered serious, defined as “any adverse event that requires or prolongs hospitalisation, results in significant or persistent disability or congenital malformation, is life-threatening or fatal”. There have been 3,856 more serious adverse events reported than on 15 June (an increase of 82.7% this summer).

This figure of 41,751 reports is clearly lower than the number of actual cases. We all know people who have suffered adverse reactions after being “vaccinated” but did not go to the Health Centre or Hospital and do not appear in the statistics. We all knew from the press how at the beginning of the year, with the massive “vaccination” in Nursing Homes, hundreds of elderly people died after being diagnosed with Covid. This is still happening now in people of all ages.

Knowing that only a small percentage of cases are reported it is SCARY TO THINK OF THE REAL FIGURE.

☹️ To better appreciate the importance of the official figures:

  • the 8,515 serious cases (including those that ended in death) reported in the 8 months that we have been “vaccinated”, DOUBLE – already – the 4,333 deaths and hospitalisations due to traffic accidents that occurred in Spain during the whole of 2020
  • the 300 cases that ended in death after notification of an adverse reaction to Covid “vaccines” are very close to the 334 deaths in Spain due to accidents at work up to 30 June 2021.

🏨 By product:

70% of total inoculated doses
23,301 adverse event notifications (55.8% of the total)
4,709 serious cases (55.3% of total)

15% of total doses
10,949 cases (26.2%)
2,512 serious cases (29.5%)

12% of total doses
6,332 cases (15.2%)
983 severe cases (11.5%)

3% of total doses
1,106 cases (2.6%)
288 severe cases (3.4%)

With much, much lower figures, any other pharmaceutical product would have been REMOVED FROM THE MARKET a long time ago.

There is NO evidence that the Covid “vaccination” has saved a single life (however much speculation there may be) but it IS officially established that there have been (at least) 8,515 serious cases of which 300 ended fatally as a result of the “vaccination” in Spain. They are not seriously ill or deceased IN ADDITION TO… They are ill or deceased IN ADDITION TO…

88% of the notifications correspond to people between 18 and 65 years of age. How should we interpret this fact? Does “vaccination” affect more those who are not so old or, as they are young people, is it more difficult to hide the side effects of “vaccination”?

Data from the Spanish Medicines Agency refer to the adverse effects of “vaccines” in the very short term. Considering that the Spanish “authorities” are doing their best to avoid that a causal link can be demonstrated, they will easily cover up any serious adverse effects or deaths from “vaccination” in the medium and long term by telling us that they are coincidental.

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