The blood contaminated by the new “covid” “vaccines” has arrived.

This health crisis has made us live in trouble …

The latest is as red as blood.

It is understood that the blood carries the products contained in the injections against the coronavirus, and these products are then found in various organs of our body…

However, there is a mystery about the nature of these products, whereas the Nuremberg Code requires that information about the specific ingredients of vaccines be disclosed.

So biochemist and microbiologist Dr Robert Young and his team undertook research to identify these ingredients.

Previously, there had been a rumour on social media that a professor at the University of Almeria, a certain Pablo Compra, had detected graphene oxide in the Pfizer vaccine… information denied by the site Fact & Furious.

However, according to “News medical life sciences”, the presence of graphene has been observed on several occasions in the injections…

And now, Dr Young’s team, in analysing the ingredients of vaccines, has made a convergent discovery.

For what are inappropriately called vaccines, they identified histidine, sucrose, PEG (polyethylene glycol) and ethyl alcohol… except that PEG was the only adjuvant declared in AstraZeneca’s data sheet.

And that’s not all: on 20 August, they confirmed for Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson what the Fifth Column researchers had already found, namely a toxic nano-metallic content, which is magnetotoxic, cytotoxic and genotoxic to plants, insects, animals and therefore humans.

All four products intended for injection contain relatively high levels of graphene oxide, and Pfizer’s and Moderna’s liposome capsids contain 100% of it after mRNA extraction.

Graphene oxide is known to be cytotoxic, genotoxic and magnetotoxic, and is known to be transported by the liposome capsid, ultimately being found in the ovaries, testes, bone marrow, heart and brain.

We also know that the CNRS and other research centres continue to question the possible toxicity of graphene.

Beyond the controversy raised by all these scientists, there is at least one certainty: researchers at the CNRS and the University of Strasbourg had already considered using materials similar to graphene to fight pandemics, and these studies were published in the journal “Advanced Materials”.

Excerpts: “Graphene, graphene oxides and reduced graphene oxide have been extensively studied over the last 15 years and show real potential for applications in (…) biomedicine (…) this critical analysis positions graphene-related materials as powerful allies in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus”. Link

But there’s something better, so to speak?

One of the “vaccines” even contains potentially deadly parasites, such as the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite, which was found in Pfizer, whether by accident or deliberately placed in the product is not known… but in any case it is present in all marketed products.
According to the study by Dr. Young’s team, this parasite is only found in Pfizer’s gene therapy… improperly called a “vaccine”.

As the WHO writes on its official website, people infected by this parasite develop acute symptoms comparable to those produced by the coronavirus: “chronic Chagas disease often leads to a prothrombotic state, cardiac lesions and thrombotic strokes”.

Indeed, such side effects, such as thrombosis, etc., have been observed for several months.

It is worth reading this article which attempts to assess the repercussions of graphene on human health (and the environment).

To complete the picture, a consortium of 150 research groups, under the name of the Graphene Flagship, created 10 years ago and launched in 2013, has set itself the task of assessing the potential impact of graphene-based materials on human health (immune system, skin, lungs, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, nervous and reproductive systems).

According to Dr Young, ~500 million people worldwide have already been affected by these side effects, with potentially 35 million deaths… he believes that people who have received 2 injections are 13 times more likely to be hospitalised or even die, after contamination by the Delta variant than those with natural immunity, and specifies that the genetic code of this man-made “gene therapy”, which can be easily modified, will interact with the frequencies called 5G, becoming responsible for the next wave expected in October.

(And we know that the President of the Republic is determined that 5G will be installed almost everywhere in France, despite the hostility of the newly elected environmentalist mayors, who are calling in vain for a debate).

Dr Young concludes that “poisoning the body to cure it makes no sense”, and encourages people to spread his message, regretting that his article is censored on Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The anti-health-passers were the first to notice the severe censorship that punishes all those who dare to question the government’s strategy, both on the pass and the vaccine…

Let us add that on 26 August, Japan had announced that it was suspending the use of “Moderna” because of reports of “contamination by a substance that reacts with magnets”.

It is not surprising, therefore, that legal actions have multiplied….

One of them is led by the association Réaction 19 (with 70,000 members), chaired by Maître Brusa, against the ANSM (National Association for the Safety of Medicines), the CNOM (National Council of the Order of Doctors), the CNOP (National Council of the Order of Pharmacists), the Vidal, for using unauthorised products.

You can listen here to the lawyer during one of his speeches in Marseille, evoking “the monarchical dictatorship of health”.

This urgent procedure will be brought before the Paris court on 21 October on the grounds that the so-called vaccine products used since 27 December 2020 are illegal, as they do not comply with the AMM (Marketing Authorisation).

According to the lawyer, since that date, all injections have been carried out with products that are illegal in France.

According to the association, such a procedure should impose an immediate halt to all vaccinations.

However, these vaccinations continue, at least until 21 October 2021.

As my old African friend says: “the higher the monkey climbs the coconut tree, the more he shows his backside”.,40009.html

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