Melanie Macip, 16, was taken by her parents to be inoculated with the experimental therapy that no one responds to. Her process was:

  • 11 July: receives the first dose of the fake vaccine that we are told is “the good stuff”, the Pfizer one.
  • 16 July: she suffers a heart attack, is hospitalised and goes into a coma.
  • 7 August: does not recover from coma and dies

The scoundrels of the drug-surveillance side-effects registry did not consider her death caused by the “vaccine” and registered her as a “non-vaccinated” person, as she died with only one dose, and not with the two required to be considered as “really” vaccinated.

Her story is one of many that are occurring all over the world as a consequence of the irresponsibility, blindness and followerism of many parents towards the criminal propaganda of governments bribed by the pharmaceutical industry. Stories of ruin and death that should never have happened to innocent people for whom the risk posed by Covid is zero.

And you who read me, are you going to “vaccinate” your children?

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