There is no other doctor who, like Dr Vladimir Zelenko, offers such a profound look at what we are experiencing around covid-19. His interpretation of the data and facts has a health, even theological, and above all common sense approach. The forcefulness of his words leaves little room for indifference. But, in addition, having developed a protocol that treated and saved more than 6,000 covid patients makes him one of the few truly authoritative voices on the subject.

The Ukrainian-American family doctor explained in an interview with La Prensa why it is a conspiracy, what the evidence is of how it came about and how it led to the current global psychosis where people are irrationally and illogically rushing towards an “unnecessary, poisonous and lethal vaccine”.

  • There is a global campaign with the intention to vaccinate – for the first time in history – all of humanity: old, young, children, sick, pregnant and even measures are being implemented to forcibly push people to do so. How did we get to this point?
  • If 18 months ago I had said that covid-19 is an artificially created biological weapon, I would have been called a conspiracy theorist. Now, even the liberal media agrees with this. In fact, we know information such as that in 1999 Dr. Ralph Baric, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, modified a surface protein on a bat coronavirus with the intention of infecting humans. And there is a patent number associated with this. Later, this research was illegal in the US and Fauci and the NIH (National Institutes of Health) sent it to China. In Wuhan in 2005 they increased its lethality by making it more destructive to human lung tissue and a blood clot generator. We also know of a patent number associated with it. So from the amount of information we know it is clear how an animal virus – a bat virus – became infective for humans and then became lethal, a biological weapon. So it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a conspiracy.

When the virus was released, the main intention – in my opinion – of this biological weapon is to create chronic states of fear and anxiety in humanity and to cause social isolation. This is one of the tactics of psychological warfare. The reason why this is important is because isolation, anxiety and fear induce a psychological decompensation in the person, who lives in a state of chronic pain, putting them in a situation of vulnerability and easy manipulation towards any course of action that leads to reducing that pain. So what is really happening now is a global psychosis.

Once humanity has been decompensated to live in this kind of pain, they are then given a false hope – like a vaccine – that they irrationally and illogically run towards in order to reduce the anxiety and pain that they are experiencing.

  • It is surprising that there is a huge percentage of people who have chosen to be vaccinated voluntarily and many others – in countries where vaccines are not fully available, as in Argentina – who are anxiously awaiting their dose….
  • What they are really asking for is a reduction of anxiety and emotional pain. The problem is that, if you give someone false hope, it will not lead to any solution over time. Let’s look at the data. And I ask readers not to believe a word I say, but to do their own research, not to make the same mistake they make with the government. Listen to what I say and then go and check it out, see that I am telling the truth. This is common sense.

In 2010 the sociopath Bill Gates in a lecture at the Ted conference – you can find it on Google – said that the world’s population should be reduced by 15% because of global warming. Then the same sociopath in 2020 made an announcement saying that 7 billion people should be vaccinated. So I ask a simple question: Why would I accept a vaccine for my health sponsored and supported by someone who wants to reduce the world’s population?

  • You have described these vaccines as a “lethal injection of poison”.
  • That’s what I call it. It is a vaccine that kills people or you can also call it a “lethal injection of poison”. Any therapy, any vaccine has to be looked at from three angles: is it necessary, does it work, is it safe? And after having all that information, a risk-benefit analysis has to be done and determine whether it is worth taking.

Let’s see if we really need it. Healthy children 18 and under have a 99.998% recovery rate from covid without treatment, according to the CDC. Why would we vaccinate a group that has a nearly 100% untreated disease recovery rate with something that could potentially cause harm? The answer is not for medical reasons, but because they want to sacrifice children.

If you take a demographic of 18 to 45 year old, healthy adults, their covid survival rate is 99.995% without treatment and around 100% with treatment. So I ask again why would you vaccinate a demographic with a near 100% recovery rate with something that is experimental and proven to be dangerous?

In anyone who has had covid and has natural immunity, they have natural antibodies from the immune system that God gave us. Those natural antibodies are a billion times more effective than any vaccine immunity. If I already have antibodies and they are superior, why would I want to inject myself with something experimental to generate inferior antibodies?

If you take the high-risk population, 45 years and older, or those people with health problems, that is a population in trouble because they have a 7.5% mortality rate and that is unacceptable. However, if we treat it properly, with early outpatient antiviral treatment, there are dozens of peer-reviewed studies – including my own, which was the first – that show an 85% reduction in hospitalisations and deaths. So we can reduce the mortality rate from 7.5% to less than 1%. This is where an interesting question arises: in a population that with proper treatment has a 1% mortality rate, maybe vaccination could be more beneficial, we don’t know.

So, in most cases, there is no medical need to vaccinate, except in the very high-risk population. But let’s see if it works. If we look at the three most vaccinated countries in the world – Israel, Gibraltar and the Indian Ocean island of Seychelles – which have vaccination rates above 80%, they are going through outbreaks of the Delta variant. There is a great deal of evidence that vaccinated people have a higher incidence of Delta variant and have higher levels of viral load. So the vaccine does not protect against all strains.

  • Can the vaccine make people more susceptible to new variants?
  • Yes, that is correct. But let’s talk about safety concerns. In the first three months from the time of injection, the main cause of death is blood clots that are induced by spike proteins that go to the endothelium – which lines the blood vessels – causing small spikes in the vasculature that damage platelets and cause blood clots. This is documented and proven by the Salk Institute in San Diego, one of the world’s most respected centres for vaccine research. We are seeing most deaths within the first three days after vaccination, in people dying of heart attacks and strokes, but the deaths continue through the first three months.

The second big problem is myocarditis, or inflammation of people’s hearts. And there is also a lot of concern about first-trimester miscarriages in pregnant women who have been vaccinated.

In the United States, the VAERS system admits 13,000 deaths. One whistleblower says 45,000. Just to get a sense of scale, in 1976 the swine flu vaccine killed 26 people and the whole system ground to a halt. Now we have 13,000 dead, one whistleblower says it’s many more and I say it’s even more because the system is overridden and no new reports can be filed (as the image on the left illustrates, the figure Dr. Zelenko handles is out of date, as it has increased tenfold in a short time, blogger’s note). There is an artificial suppression of the number of deaths. So what is the death threshold? How many deaths are we willing to tolerate? That is the problem in the short term.

  • What can we expect in the long term?
  • There is definite evidence of an increased risk of cancer or autoimmune diseases and who knows what the effect on longevity will be in the long term. People with chronic diseases live shorter lives. Cancer and autoimmune diseases definitely reduce the lifespan of human beings. And then we have another concern which is infertility. Studies in Japan have shown that these vaccines cause damage to the ovaries and inflammation of the scrotum in men. So we also don’t know what their long-term effects on fertility will be. But even this is not the main issue.

Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, who discovered HIV, is shouting to the world that this is the greatest genocide in human history. Dr Robert Malone, one of the original members of the group that developed the mRNA vaccine is saying that these vaccines are too dangerous and that the government is lying to the people and that we are beginning to see the first signs of ADE. Dr Dolores Cahill, the immunologist from Ireland, is claiming that within two years 90% of those vaccinated will be dead. Mike Yeadon, the former vice-president and head of Pfizer’s vaccine development programme, is saying that for every child who dies naturally from covid, 100 will die from the vaccine.

  • It’s really horrifying.
  • What’s the difference if I take a child and slit his throat or if I take a child and throw him in a volcano or if I take a child and inject him with a liquid that will kill him? What’s the difference? It is the sacrifice of a child.
  • But the FDA has given approval to the first vaccine called Comirnaty …
  • Actually it has not. It gave approval to a substance that is not even available in the United States and extended the emergency use authorisation for the Pfizer vaccine that is in the United States. And the reason they did that is because as long as it’s under emergency use authorisation it has certain protections from litigation.
  • It’s disturbing.
  • Look, first of all, they accelerated the vaccine process to less than a year, when it usually takes 10 years. They bypassed all the regulatory safety measures and they usually have a committee that allows for public comment and exploration of potential adverse effects, but they completely overrode that and the FDA said there’s nothing to worry about, which is the biggest lie in history. So this is an exceptionally well-orchestrated, exceptionally executed, coordinated evil attempt to change the social, political and economic structure of the world so that a very few people have control over everyone else. The proof is very simple: there is life-saving information and access to that life-saving medication has been forcibly withheld.
  • At what point did you realise that the covid patient care guidelines developed by the world’s leading health agencies were not life-saving and that the right way forward was another way?
  • Nineteen months ago, because all the health agencies were telling me to send my patients home until they got worse and then they had to be hospitalised and die. And that didn’t make sense to me. From day one I tried to find an approach that would prevent them from getting sicker. That’s what I did and when it became clear and I proved it, the same regulatory bodies withheld that information. So I knew immediately that their interest was not in protecting citizens, but rather they were serving other masters. For example, if you look at the current NIH recommendation, it says not to treat covid until the patient is in the hospital, with an oxygen level below 92. That’s the recommendation of a government that wants you to die. It is contrary to all the peer-reviewed data, contrary to common sense, contrary to thousands of doctors who treated thousands of patients under your successful care, who are demonstrating an 85% reduction in hospitalisations and deaths when treated at the appropriate time.
  • That is what you achieved with your protocol, correct?
  • Yes, my protocol is very simple. It is to identify high-risk patients, treat them immediately, not wait until they are sick, and give them a zinc-based antiviral approach and a zinc delivery system. Zinc inhibits the most important enzyme involved in viral RNA replication, called RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, which is used by ALL covid strains, meaning that no matter if it’s alpha, beta, South African, delta or whatever it is, they all use the same pathway for viral replication. So, if you block that RNA-dependent RNA polymerase enzyme, which zinc does, you close the button on the virus’s ability to make copies of itself and spread.

The problem with zinc is that it doesn’t get into the cell by itself. It’s like a bullet without a gun. You need a revolver, another agent that delivers the zinc into the cell. There’s a class of substances called zinc ionophores, which open up a channel inside the cell membrane, allowing zinc to pass from the outside to the inside of the cell. And there are four of them that are readily available, two are over-the-counter: quercetin and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). Quercetin is a plant-derived, plant-derived, bioflavonoid, which together with vitamin C functions as a zinc delivery system. This information is based on peer-reviewed studies on the NIH servers. The wonderful thing about this is that these are over-the-counter drugs, at least in the United States. So the two reasons to die today for covid are the government you live under and the doctor you choose. So the public can get quercetin, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc and take it the right way (I have all this information on my website vladimirzelenkomd.com which can be accessed for free). The other substance I mentioned was EGCG, which is an extract from green tea. This is as natural as it gets. These substances work to get zinc into the cell.

Meanwhile, the two best approaches are ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. The problem with them is that their prescription has been vilified by doctors, by the media and by the government and they are difficult to get and that causes a delay in treatment, which is what kills people.

  • They are also very well known and safe drugs.
  • The adverse effects of covid vaccines are being hidden. The VAERS data is only a fraction of the reality so who knows what the true number of vaccine deaths are. My point is this: we have a disease that in most cases people will recover on their own so they don’t need anything. The high-risk population, if properly treated, has a mortality rate of less than 1%. However, vaccines cause blood clots, inflammation of the heart, miscarriages, potential genocide by ADE, risk of cancers, risk of autoimmune diseases and future infertility. Why on earth would I put something in my body with such a risk profile?
  • Many wonder how it is possible that all doctors, all media, all governments, are hiding the truth or, even worse, lying.
  • In reality there are very few people who are hiding the truth, the rest are sheep who mindlessly follow what they are told by the false narrative. It doesn’t take much to deceive humanity. All it takes is to take control of a few key media, academic and political industries. Combine that with the industry of coercion and undermining, and what you get is a global psychosis induced in humanity.
  • What do you think of the role of doctors in this situation?
  • Until May or June last year they could plead ignorance, say they didn’t know and did what they were being told. However, after that period it was obvious to anyone with a thinking brain that we were being lied to and that the approaches we were putting in place were insufficient. And the hypocrisy was that the doctors themselves, for themselves and for their families, were following my protocols, but for their patients they were following the government narrative. So at this point I am accusing any doctor who complies with late treatment plans that lead to unnecessary deaths and are analogous to the Nazis in World War II, “they were just following orders”.
  • It has created a division in the world between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. And between those who hold different views on this virus. There have even been clashes within families …
  • Absolutely. Actually, in a much more theological way. The world has been divided into two systems of thought that can no longer coexist. One system is God-consciousness, i.e. people who believe that we are made in the image of God, that life itself has sanctity and that it is not in the role of human beings to decide how many people there should be on the planet. While there is another group who are godless and believe in Darwin’s theories of the struggle for survival or Galton’s eugenic theories, which say that there is a hierarchy in genetics and that those at the top of the hierarchy have the greatest survival benefit, which gives them the right to control what happens to others. This sounds like a fairy tale, except that 80 years ago 200 million people died.
  • What is it?
  • The main concern is the one that the world’s leading immunologists are warning about: the potential genocide of humanity.
  • What does this mean?
  • In the 1960s we made the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine, which was given to children and killed more children than RSV killed. It happened that the antibodies generated by the vaccine, when exposed to RSV, killed the person. It produced an autoimmune disaster. The same thing happened in the 1970s with the dengue vaccine, producing an autoimmune hyper-reaction, called ADE (Antibody dependent Enhancement) or antibody-dependent amplification of infection. It killed people.

Historically, all attempts at coronavirus vaccines in animal models have produced exactly the same thing: they have killed the animal because of the immune reaction. In other words, antibodies were generated from the vaccines, but when they were confronted with the real virus, most died from this dangerous reaction called ADE.

Now it is a small group of people who truly believe that they have evolved to a higher level of consciousness and that gives them the title to dictate what will happen to others, how many people will live on the planet, how people should live, what they should eat and so on. In my opinion, these are not evolved human beings but involuted pagans. This is a repetition of the biblical story about human beings starting a war against God. Human beings who believe they are God and who feel they can enslave and kill others to satisfy their own narcissistic and sociopathic needs.

Yes, families are divided, governments are divided, people are divided, but if you look at the root cause, people are divided between those who are God-conscious and those who walk the “golden path” of vaccines and sociopathic oligarchs to false promises. That is the test. God is testing each and every human being and asking them whom they will follow.

  • What can we expect to happen in the coming years as a result of this mass vaccination with not only experimental but potentially lethal products?
  • We are already seeing the beginning of genocide. We are beginning to see the amplification of antibody-dependent infection. You have to listen to experts like Robert Malone, who is saying that viral titres in vaccinated people are much higher than in unvaccinated people. The head of the CDC said that people who are vaccinated with covid vaccines – based on Israeli data – are getting sicker and have more hospitalisations than the unvaccinated and that is why a third dose is needed.
  • They can also transmit the virus …
  • Yes. What I have shown you is that vaccines are unnecessary, they definitely don’t work and they are really dangerous. The risk-benefit analysis clearly favours not getting them.
  • Do you think there will be an end to all this madness we are going through or will it continue? They are talking about third doses and that next year we will be confronted with the virus again.
  • It all depends on you. It depends on people like you who are willing to share the real narrative and help people out of the global psychosis they are in and stop living like sheep without brains. Because there are many, many, more of us than them. And all that is needed is for us to say no.

Agustina Sucri
(Source: https://www.laprensa.com.ar/)

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  1. Excellent overview compellingly written. A must read!

    The VAERS numbers are now higher, but still very much under-reported.


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