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This blog reported on the injunction made by Liberum to the Spanish Ministry of Health in response to the question sent by biologists Almudena Zaragoza and Jon Ander Etxebarría, the association Biologists for Truth and doctors María José Martínez Albarracín and Alejandro Sousa as to whether it has samples of the SARS-Cov-2 virus duly isolated available for study. The response received is devastating:

“The Ministry of Health does not have SARS-CoV-2 culture for testing and does not have a register of laboratories with culture and isolation capacity.”

In other words, they have no sample of a supposed virus that we have been told is circulating among the population, that has infected hundreds of thousands of people and that should be present in the 80,000 corpses attributed to it in Spain alone -80,000 reservoirs of the pathogen, which is an understatement-, despite which there are no samples of the theoretically overabundant virus, nor is it known who might have them.

A result that this blog announced was going to happen, adding the Spanish Ministry of Health to the 87 institutions to which the same request was previously made without any of them being able to answer affirmatively, institutions that have failed to cite a single case of isolation/purification of “SARS-COV-2”, by anyone, anywhere, ever.

In light of this fact, the questions pile up:

  • How can antigens of “something” that is not defined be detected?
  • What then do the Covid tests detect?
  • Why did the WHO ban autopsies, citing the category 2 risk, as if the phantom virus could emit inonising radiation?
  • They say Spain is developing a vaccine, how do they test without samples?
  • And the million-dollar question, on what basis have the “vaccines” in circulation been developed?

The Ministry of Health’s consultation service does not, of course, go into any of these, referring enquirers to external sources as if to say: “What they have told us is what we take for granted”. And what they take for granted is the usual “sequencing” of a few dozen genetic letters – out of the 30,000 that the virus should have – completed by computer using chromosome sequences taken from a database. Computers replacing non-existent laboratory work. This is the fraud that has justified imprisonment, restriction of rights, imposition of liberticidal measures and the ruin of millions of people.

But the document with which the Ministry of Health responds to the requests made still includes “pearls” that are, to say the least, scandalous. Its page 2 ends with another ignominious sentence:

“The efficacy of vaccines is measured in ideal laboratory terms and subsequently measured in the real population once the vaccines have been administered.”

Black on white, the express recognition that the population is being turned into a guinea pig for a more than dubious experiment, inoculating it with something that is not known to work, and that when there is no way back we will see whether or not it was a good idea to use it.

A treatment that, let’s remember, applies a technology – messenger RNA – that has never been used in humans before and whose results in animals have an overwhelming record of failure, whose medium and long-term effects are unknown, that has not completed several of the standard phases of development, that can genetically modify its recipients, that favours a more aggressive infection, that favours a more aggressive infection, that favours a more aggressive infection, that favours a more aggressive infection, that favours a more aggressive infection, that favours a more aggressive infection, that favours a more aggressive infection, and that favours a more aggressive infection, which favours a more aggressive infection than the natural one due to antibody-dependent amplification, and whose manufacturers have been exempted by the various governments from legal responsibility for the damage it may cause (and which, taking into account official records, have made it the deadliest “vaccine” on record).

A treatment that is called a “vaccine” is a fraud that avoids acknowledging that it is a genetic modification therapy, which is expressly prohibited by numerous international treaties.

To be continued. Third “checkmate” contained in the Health document: it recognises that tests are not sufficient proof to determine the disease.

“Tests alone are usually not sufficient to determine disease, requiring an expert assessment of the person tested”.

In other words, the “denialists” – a category that includes the inventor of PCR himself – were right to insist that a positive result from a random and fallible test does not imply infection, and that to argue that a positive result determines being sick and potentially contagious is nonsense.

But there is still one more clarification from the Ministry on a fundamental issue, and here we find a contradiction from the Health Ministry that Liberum should dig its teeth into, demanding the appropriate explanations:

“Vaccines against Covid-19 are currently administered in Spain according to the vaccination strategy …. approved by the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System and are free of charge for citizens. In this sense, they do not require a prescription”.

The Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS) and all the technical data sheets of the potions require that the inoculation of the experimental serum be carried out via medical prescription. Even the link provided by the Ministry of Health document refers to the AEMPS website, where the CIMA section (Online Information Centre for Medicines of the AEMPS) indicates, next to the description of each authorised “vaccine”, MEDICINE SUBJECT TO MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION, something that is then underlined by redundantly specifying WITH PRESCRIPTION.

Why does the Health Service deny in one pronouncement what it affirms in another?

Answer the reader, since one, who is guided by the maxim “Think wrong and you will fall short”, can only think that it is facilitating an unprecedented – and illegal – inhibition of the professionals who should be issuing the corresponding prescription, assuming with their signature and their membership number a responsibility from which they flee like vampires from daylight. This is understandable, given that I don’t think there is a single doctor who would relish the idea of risking his or her professional career and personal wealth by endorsing a concoction that we don’t even know what it contains, how effective it will be or what undesired effects it will produce. Understandable, … but unacceptable.

Madam Director-General for Public Health, you are showing your true colours. Read what you sign carefully, because it is easy to allege confusion, but this is not about minutiae, but about the government’s distribution of poisons that are breaking all the records for injuries and deaths in the history of medicine.

Besides, the excuse would start to get tiresome:

Thousands of deaths because of a “mistake” … that no one bothered to
rectify. Either this guy is an imbecile or he thinks the rest of us are.


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