Vaccination is an age-old practice of medicine that is as open to criticism as any other.

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One of the distinguishing features of scientific knowledge is that it is not reductionist. It does not strive for simple answers to complex phenomena, a category that includes those that concern humanity as a whole. The complexity increases if we are talking about a medical and social practice, such as vaccines, which are at least a thousand years old.

Disqualifications against “anti-vaccine” are a consequence of this reductionism, the primary effect of which is the inclusion in the collective of those who simply express a critical opinion towards certain types of vaccines or their components.

The “anti-vaccine” movement, which was always very small, has grown spectacularly with this pandemic, at the same pace as the insolence of governments, which have the greatest interest in (mis)qualifying any dissenting opinion. Opposing vaccination campaigns is a pejorative in itself, an irresponsible attack on public health. As with the mask issue, some speak of selfishness, of putting one’s own opinions above the collective.

It is the other way around, but for that you have to understand a traditional principle of medicine such as vaccination.

A vaccine is not just any drug whose ingestion helps a patient overcome his or her illness. Medicines are usually designed for the sick, while vaccines are given to the healthy, to those who do not suffer from any disease. In the old days, medical textbooks used to say that vaccines are preventive in nature. They are meant to keep a person from getting sick or to reduce the symptoms of illnesses.

What vaccines cannot do in any way is to prevent or stop the circulation of any virus. It is not possible to create an aseptic environment, free of bacteria and viruses, either inside or outside the human body. The “zero covid” policy is impossible and, at the end of this pandemic, the “experts” have given in: we must “live with the virus”. With better judgement they should have said: “mankind has been living with viruses since the very beginning”.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people exchange viruses on a daily basis. An unvaccinated person transmits viruses in exactly the same way as a vaccinated person. If vaccines are effective, as they say they are, what changes are the consequences for the unvaccinated, who are the only ones who should be concerned.

However, it is the other way around, as in so many other impositions of this pandemic: only those who wear masks are concerned, and only those who are already vaccinated are concerned. This paradox is the consequence of fear, which in turn is the consequence of a meticulously disseminated deception, because even the most inept of “experts” know that no vaccine can prevent what they call “contagion”.

It is not possible to “fight” viruses, let alone “defeat” any of them, as they claimed at the beginning of this pandemic. The disinfection shows the army showed us last year in public places were grotesque, as were the advertisements for liquids capable of doing the same at home, or the hydrogel hand-washing ceremonies.

Nevertheless, “experts” have spawned a whole subculture around viruses and bacteria that is being passed down through the generations, including both absurd but deep-rooted doctrines and everyday disinfection practices that have become a business.

Throughout history, no vaccine has ever eradicated any disease, whether of the so-called “infectious” or any other kind, because until very recently they have been administered not to those who are already sick but to those who are healthy. They have never sought to cure but to prevent.

However, over time, these elementary principles of medicine have been replaced by very different ones, and this is not the result of any “progress”, but quite the opposite. Right now they are vaccinating in a massive and indiscriminate manner, without any prior analysis of the person who receives it and the type of vaccine that is administered. It is something that has never happened on this scale before. It makes no difference whether they are young people, adults or the elderly, women or men, healthy or sick….

The consequences are more than obvious to anyone who does not close their eyes: never in history have vaccines produced such a high number of deaths and adverse effects, which in any other circumstances would have been more than enough to suspend this campaign.

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