Sean Hartman: 17-Year-Old Boy Dies Shortly After Receiving The COVID-19 Vaccine

A 17-year-old boy has died shortly after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Sean Hartman, a student at Banting Memorial high school, got the shot in September. He immediately suffered multiple health problems. He unexpectedly passed away at home on September 27th according to his GoFundMe page. He died as a result of a heart attack according to this Twitter user. Sean got the vaccine so that he could play hockey in a arena where the vaccine is mandated.

“Sean was born on January 31st 2004, and since then there was nothing that Sean was more passionate about than sports, especially hockey as he played his entire life, reads his GoFundMe page. “He started his hockey career playing for the Beeton Stingers and went on to play for TNT in Alliston. Whether watch or play, Sean just loved the game.”

Beeton Athletic paid tribute to Sean in this post:

A small protest was staged close to the hockey arena where the 17-year-old was told that he had to be vaccinated in order to enter the arena:

“He was not allowed to play hockey in the arena because they’d asked him that he has to take the jab. And they said to him ‘you’re not allowed in the arena‘ (inaudible). He got the jab and now two weeks later he’d been sick, he died yesterday.”

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