COVID: A game of lies and truths

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1.Calling this a vaccine is a lie.

2.Calling this a pandemic is a lie.

3.Calling this vaccine a protection is a lie.

4.To say that the vaccinated are protected is a lie.

5.To say that the unvaccinated are not protected is a lie.

6.To portray “free choice in medicine” as “antivax” is a lie.


1.Demanding synthetic mRNA injections is domestic terrorism.

2.Threatening harm to those who do not obey is domestic terrorism.

3.Synthetic mRNA injections damage the natural immune system.

4.The damage caused by the injections is never disclosed (fraud).

5.Government representatives can lie to the people while they are legally protected from personal liability.

  1. The mRNA manufacturers have been protected from liability for the great damage they cause.
  2. The government is running a “protection racket.” [a legally recognized crime].
  3. Government officials are harming the people under the guise of “protecting” them.

9.A harmful gene therapy (synthetic mRNA) has been fraudulently rebranded as a “vaccine” to protect big pharma from any liability for the harm it causes. This is a crime.

  1. The failure of the legal system (its prosecutors, judges) to charge these officials with fraud and domestic terrorism reveals that prosecutors are complicit in the execution of these crimes.

The people now demand that these criminals be charged with these crimes.

Exercise their most important functions or resign from office.

Humanity wakes up and watches. Furthermore, those who support the existing system (the police, the military, the doctors, the teachers, the media) are asked to step down. Do not become accomplices in the execution of these crimes. The people who are bringing these crimes to light are not your enemies. Do not denigrate or attack them. On the contrary, take your hat off to them.

Tim McCormack

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