Dr. Hervé Seligman: Vaccinated people are more likely to die if they get Covid….And unvaccinated people are more likely to be infected by vaccinated people!

Hello everyone, what are the real figures of the incidence of the injection after ten months of injections? We will find out tonight with the exceptional presence on the Une TV set of Hervé Seligmann, the statistical biologist who worked with Professor Raoult at the IHU in Marseille. There are 7 things to remember from this exceptional interview that will be broadcast tonight at 9:00 pm on “Ondes de Choc”.

  1. Vaccinated people are more likely to die if they get Covid than others. It is a fact, it proves it!
  2. The lower the age range, the more serious is the effect of vaccination, so imagine for our children.
  3. The more people are vaccinated, the more cases of Covid there are, as is the case in India, Israel, Portugal and the United States.
  4. Not only that, but the more vaccinated people in the population, the more infant mortality increases! Among young people, the predictions are very bad, there are already 25% more deaths among the vaccinated, especially comparing the curves, something that Dr. Seligman does better than anyone else.
  5. Most mortality occurs after the first 15 days of the first injection. The third injection is also terrible, if Israel is anything to go by, where in the middle of August, after the third dose, more people died than in winter.

6.The indirect effects of vaccination on the unvaccinated are really worrying. This is called shading, the contagion from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated.

7.The younger the age of the vaccinated, the stronger the immunity of the young to the virus, which is easy to understand, but paradoxically, the more fragile the young are because of the injection. This is what we call the shock caused by this injection in healthy bodies.

Yes, you got it, the bottom line is to say that the unvaccinated risk being contaminated by the vaccinated! Isn’t it a nice story? I invite you, of course, to follow this interview live on http://www.launetv.com tonight at 9 pm, telling also the great problems of fertility and lactation of pregnant women with the famous protein Spike and milk, all broadcast together. Dr. Hervé Seligman says: Never again will we be able to say we didn’t know!

Yes, it is really the Malthusian ghost of these men in power that is being exercised! Yes, vaccination is a tool for mass depopulation. This former close friend of Professor Raoult, who really knows the real figures, confided to me that life is not a game, it is not Russian roulette! And to think that we are now going to vaccinate 5 year olds and then 6 month olds. what a surprise!!!!!

Watch the video for yourself: https://odysee.com/@LaUneTV2:c/onde-de-choc-HERVE-Seligmann-21-oc-2021:9

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