Press conference of Members of the European Parliament on the abusive use of the Health Pass.

“Today we have a terrible situation in Europe…. because human rights are not respected…” – Francesca Donato.

“The European Charter of Human Rights should be taken into account by all national governments when drafting their laws. But, in fact, today it is erased because basic human rights such as…”… human rights to individual freedom to employment, to equality, to education, to health, to freedom of expression, are severely violated. And all over Europe, peaceful protests are violently repressed…” “We have introduced in the European Union… a “Covid certificate” only to facilitate movement between Member States and to avoid any discrimination against unvaccinated people…. “but where the Italian government and other European national governments have introduced a compulsory covid certificate for any social activity, such as entering public premises or traveling within the country or in Italy for work…. “university education, etc. They simply make a big discrimination between vaccinated and unvaccinated people…”…. And so we force citizens to receive an invasive and risky health treatment because the informed consent that citizens are forced to sign to receive vaccines, is not free, it is a coerced consent. “Even when people have medical contraindications to receive that they are forced to do because they would lose their job, they would lose their basic rights if they didn’t do it…” “and when these people have even very serious adverse reactions, they don’t get free care. Even the reporting of these adverse reactions is very poor, so the adverse reaction data that we can read about in the newspapers is…”…just underestimated. So we have a medical problem that has become a democratic problem…. We all have to stand up for human rights in Europe today…. “We have to do it all together, we have to do it now. We can’t wait any longer because many people are suffering, losing their jobs…. This affects citizens like the Italians or the French…” “Let’s give back to people the right to live fully with all human rights without distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Let’s treat everyone as human beings, as our charter of human rights obliges us.

Francesca Donato

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