To gain acceptance of the third dose, the Israeli Ministry of Health manipulated the data

To get the “third dose” accepted, there would have been data manipulation. Three researchers – Oz Koren, Shoshy Altuvia and Retsef Levi – accuse the Israeli Ministry of Health of fraudulently manipulating data on the efficacy of Pfizer’s booster vaccine. If confirmed, this is a real bombshell, not only for the Israeli authorities but for the rest of the Western world locked into an “all vaccinated” strategy.

Focus on data manipulation

Oz Koren and his team reported that the Ministry of Health virtually manipulated the data in its dashboard, changing the vaccination status of positive cases registered at airports.

For example, in one day the number of confirmed cases was 118 among the vaccinated and 242 among the unvaccinated. Suddenly, the data changed and there were 10 confirmed cases of vaccinated versus 350 unvaccinated.

What the ministry has ignored is that the original data can be accessed through the web archive waybackmachine platform and screenshots from the Emergency Council.

Oz Koren and his team have videos demonstrating these fraudulent manipulations. In addition, the Council has posted screenshots of the original and “revised” data. The difference is obvious.

It turns out that the Israeli Ministry of Health has pulled this kind of stunt before with comments on a Facebook post titled “Let’s talk about side effects.” It has removed comments that disclosed adverse effects. The Ministry of Health has not yet responded to these allegations.

Overestimated figures on booster injection efficacy.

Oz Koren and his team also criticized the results of the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) on September 15, 2021. It claims that Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine booster significantly reduces the risk of infection in people aged 60 years and older.

The authors of the study, including Dr. Sharon Alroys-Preis, Head of the Public Health Department at the Israeli Ministry of Health, used data from the Ministry of Health scorecard.

According to Oz Koren, the analysis is biased because most of the people analyzed are not vaccinated. This detail was not taken into account. The protection offered by a third injection of the vaccine is much lower than that announced by the Ministry of Health, if we are to believe the three researchers we quoted. If everything is confirmed, it could be said that Israel has been at the forefront of vaccination, but also of data bias in order to participate in the international health order.

waybackmachine platform
Facebook post entitled “Let’s talk about side effects”
The Ministry of Health has not yet responded to these accusations.
data from the Ministry of Health’s scorecard.

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